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Finely Done Handyman Service Inc

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[redacted],Here is the account of what really happened.Last year or so, I made a svc call to find out why the lift stopped working.  Mind you, I did not sell or install this unit.  The homeowners brother or such did that.  Generally not recommended.First off, I sensed that he was...

untrusting to start with, as he pulled up a chair and watched me like a hawk.  Not that he knew what I was doing but rather trying to catch me in some bs.  I've been working in other people's homes for 20 years and can read them very well, and very quickly.I don't remember what the issue was but I reset the brake, cleaned and lubed the track. I tested the operation of the unit and all was well.  Here is the start of the nonsense.  The batteries tested ok, but on the low side.  I advised I replace them before something bad happens of they start to leak and cause more damage.  He refused.  He clearly didn't believe me, even though he was watching me put a tester on them.This year, the first svc call was to find out why the lift wasn't working.  IT WAS DUE TO THE BATTERIES BEING USED WELL BEYOND THEIR LIFE SPAN.  I showed him the batteries and reminded him that they should have been replaced a year or so ago when I advised him to.  They were swollen and leaking and couldn't hold a charge anymore.This unit runs on batteries to power the motor, not merely a backup for a loss of power.  This overuse of the batteries may very well led to the issue on the very last svc call as I'll explain later. The next svc call was to find out why the lift was not working again.  There was no power to the outlet where it was plugged in. I told him right away that I'm not a licensed  electrician but would breifly take a  look. I popped in a new outlet after looking for and not finding a blown breaker.  Still no power. I told him to get an electrician to hunt down the issue. Apparently the issue was that outlet was powered by a wall switch that was either flipped the wrong way or had gone bad, I replaced the dead batteries, told him not to use the lift until he had power to the outlet, and told him to get an electrician familiar  with those condos and suggested the condo may have an electrician on board.On the last svc call, to find out why the lift was not working again, he immediately jumped my [redacted] as soon as I walked in the door.  He expressed his unhappiness at the situation as a whole, insinuated I didn't know what I'm doing, and that I was doing things to cause the lift to fail like putting in bad batteries. Never mind the fact that I put in new batteries each time and the first couple battery replacements had to do with his decision not to replace them, and no power to outlet.  Like that's my fault????  The homeowner is responsible for what's in his home.He demanded compensation of some sort.  So I told this irate, non trusting, never going to change his mind person that I'd see what could be done based on why the lift wasn't working this time.I found that the batteries were swollen, like the first time they were replaced.  I checked over the lift and found nothing wrong.  As this is a highly unusual situation I then called the manufacturer and asked them for reasons why this was happening.  They offered little help, with a few suggestions. Of course they're going to say there's nothing wrong with their product, right?One idea was bad batteries.  I said nope, put in new ones.They finally said, after badgering on my part, that they might have heard of this issue a couple times when the unit gets over 5 ish years old, but offered no solution.  Since the homeowner flipped the switch on my indignation when I walked in the door I removed the batteries and unplug the charger for safety and tell him to find someone else to fix it.  I refuse  to work in an ignorantly hostile environment.   On my way out I told them that this service call was free, but I'm not going to fix the lift because of his false and ignorant accusations.  In recent weeks during searches online, I may have found the reason why the lift was compromised at the first occasion of leaky batteries.  Sure wish the manufacturer knew that.  But I have no interest in helping out. Not after the bs he spewed at me.  I've been going into homes for a long time and have NEVER, EVER had an it accuse me of being shady.  Regarding the claim that all the dead batteries were due to the wall switch, you can see that's total bs.  Only one time, as I've explained.Regarding this so called great company, [redacted], that said the lift was not fixable, they are totally clueless.  The lift only needs new batteries and a couple wires.  I cut the wires because they were corroded.  They would have needed replaced anyway.  My guess is that IF [redacted] knew what they were looking at  (one of the simplest lifts on the market), they  said it was not fixable so they could try to sell a new lift.  secure bath said "the battery" was gone.  If they knew anything about stair lifts, they would know almost all makes and models run on TWO 12 volt batteries.Regarding the demand for 75% compensation, they can pound salt.  Not happening.  I already gave him a discount on each svc call and only made literally a few dollars markup on the batteries. I actually lost money there because I cut them a break each time  He was crying he had no money on the first visit!!!  That's what I get for being nice.In all my years, I haven't had a claim with the  That in itself should speak volumes.  I take pride in my work and my regular customers sometimes wait a few months for me to do other types of work for them. They all know that I will speak up if there's a fault on my part on a project that I'll make it right, no ifs ands or buts. I've had countless garage door codes and house keys entrusted to me by law enforcement clients, well to do businessmen and women, and Joe the plumber types, so perhaps you can understand my indignation.  I ALWAYS assume I'm on camera or mic when working in someone's home.  That keeps even the honest man honest.  I've been advised to file a slander suit against claimant.This bs ignorant claim has unnessarily taken up entirely too much working time.  This is all I have to say on this matter.Jerry M[redacted] Finely Done Accessibility & Security Finely Done Handyman Service, Inc. Finely Functioning Fitness finelydoneaccessibilityandsecurity.com440-829-7651

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Address: 1779 Brainard Road, Lyndhurst, Ohio, United States, 44043


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