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This party did order tuxedo's around 6 months ago.  They were never promised tuxedo's would be in a week ahead of time.  Tuxedo's come in the Thursday before the event.  On all of their tickets, that they signed, the date of delivery 6/4/2015 was clearly written.  On good faith I...

ordered the tuxedo's months ago.  I say good faith because none of this party put down a down payment.  When they were told that no one had put a down payment that Saturday , four of the party members called payments in of 50% down.  On 5/28/2015, I emailed this bride and told her that unfortunately tuxedo's don't come in a week prior.  She claims to have never gotten the email, but, I received a response to it on 5/31/2015. I called Jim's on 5/28/2015 to make sure all the tuxedo's were ordered and when they would be here.  I emailed her and included this information.  We do have jackets in the store that people can try on and they did use those.   If we do a try on, it's for the groom, months ahead of the wedding, never for groomsmen.  I was surprised that she showed up that Saturday and promptly told her that the tuxedo's would not be here today and again told her the tickets read 6/4/2015.  I had no inkling when they left that they were upset in any way. The only reason they requested to be re-measured was the fact that they stated, "we've gained a few pounds".  We did not just "start" measuring them. They were, in fact, an inch bigger in the waste.  I assured them that the pants were adjustable and it would be fine. They were never told that I was out of town.  How could I have measured them if I was out of town.  They were never told that we would order the tuxedo's that day because they were already ordered as confirmed on 5/28/2015, three days prior to her coming to the shop.  [redacted] did not receive one phone call from this person on that Monday 6/1/2015 as evidenced by the call log. No messages were left, we monitor for emergency messages on Monday and nothing was received, emergency or otherwise.  We are also closed on Monday and was told by the bride that her and her father came banging on the door coming back twice and since we weren't there she said she was panicking. Why would you bang on a door if the business is closed with business hours clearly posted on the door.  The tuxedo's came in earlier than predicted on there ticket.  [redacted] called to let them know and was told they went to Men's Ware house Monday evening and  that there tuxedo's would be there on Friday.  In fact, we had them in the store when the father came in.  He was demeaning to [redacted] personally and looked at the tuxedo's and smirked.  [redacted] never cussed this woman out or anyone else.  I was present for one of the conversations and [redacted] handled it professionally.  The store incurred expenses due to this situation.  The store actually could have charged for all of the deposits, but, I don't want these poor guys to have to put out any more money because of this brides mistakes.    Instead of receiving the tuxedo's days ahead, she had to wait till Friday 6/5/2015 to pick up the tuxedo's from Men's Ware House.  None of what she did made any sense. Not to mention she has attempted to write slanderous comments on [redacted].  No one has been harassing this bride,we are to busy and professional to harass people.  She put undo stress on herself the wedding party and our store. I do not feel like a refund is in order. The store and [redacted] followed through on everything and incurred expenses.  This bride did not listen and did not read her ticket for the date the tuxedo's were to be here.  I do have copies of the tickets, but, had trouble attaching. I can send copies to you if need be. The store also has a sign up at the register in bold black letters reading, "50% deposit on all special order tuxedo's, non-refundable". Please let me know if I need to address anything further.  ID [redacted]

I've reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me.  I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.There full of it, I've got a party of people that were there that can back us up. Plus looking them up on [redacted] reviews and [redacted] shows that they tend to enrage everyone that they do business with.  But this is fine, we've resolved it another way while you guys have assisted so we are just going to walk away as our wedding is over and we would like this to go away.Thank you guys for your assistance,

Review: My home flooded during hurricane Isaac unfortunately we lost everything. I hire FOYS CONSTRUCTION LLC. At 151 W. Greenbrier Dr. New Orleans, La. 70128,CONTRACTOR: Mr. [redacted]. [redacted], [redacted]. TOTAL CONTRACT AMOUNT $ 57,250.00. PLEASE NOTE: Electrical, Dry wall and Insulation: material and labor was done for another contractor. TOTAL FUNDS CASHED $ 44,725.00 dollars. 18,892.50 dollars first draft received in July 3, 2013. In July 9, 2013 work stared at [redacted]. 1st Inspection (50 % done) was done in August, 2013. $9,732.50 second draft received August 29, 2013. Mr. [redacted] was overturn because he was expecting a larger fund check and according to Mr. [redacted] all $ 9,732.50 dollars were used to pay labor. So, I had to request additional funds. Work stopped at property 3[redacted]. And Mr. [redacted] moved to another job site. Contractor wrote a requested to my bank for $16, 100.00 to purchase floor material and pay labor to install floor. The third draft $16, 100.00 was received on Nov 11, 2013. Mr.[redacted] promised to me to return to work 3 days after he cashed the check on Nov. 11, 2014 for $16,100.00, but Mr. [redacted] did not come back. Many times I called and I also sent text messages asking him to come back to continue the repairs, his answers were: at the end of the week, or at the beginning of next week ,or after the holidays but that never happen. I fired Mr. [redacted] on May 20, 2014. Mr. [redacted] claimed that around $ 500.00 dollars are left of the $ 16,100.0 dollars money requested for floor material and installation; He claimed that he does not h[redacted] the money that it was used to pay labor. But any floor has been installed in my property. Back in Jan 13, 2014 contractor send me a text massage I couldnt get the floor early because of the rain. I just picked it up Ill be there in the morning My question is what happen with my floor? No control and bad management of funds to repair my property. Living room pain running.Desired Settlement: I request Foy's Construction LLC contractor : [redacted] to reimburse $ 14,000.00 dollars from founds sent to the order of Foys construction, LLC. By [redacted]. But if the result of inspection shows that work done in my property worth less than $ 30,725.00 dollars I demand the reimbursement of all monies own to me.

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Description: Construction & Remodeling Services

Address: 7190 Grooverville Rd, Quitman, Georgia, United States, 31643-6410


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