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4 Steps How to Compliment Your Parents

They brought you into this world, clothed you, fed you, taught you right from wrong, and now you would like to let them know you admire or appreciate something about them. How do you go about it? What is the best way? Just read below to find the most effective way of complimenting your parents.

Step 1

Think of what you would like to compliment them on. Do you remember something about their parenting technique that you now admire? Have you noticed their continual success or steadfastness in one area?

Step 2

Determine how you would like to let them know. Will it be a phone call, text message, email, letter, gift and a card or in person.

Step 3

Plan the best time to tell them. Is there a holiday or special day coming up? Will it be a randomly-timed compliment? Is there a time when they could use some encouraging?

Step 4

Pay them the compliment. Don’t forget about this! Don’t chicken out! Your parents spent years wondering if they were doing right by you. It will mean the world to them to hear you say ‘well done’ about one aspect of their lives.

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