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Horrible experience Worst service. We have been denied 2 claims. First for leaking roof and second for a frozen a/c because they don't cover the brand of freon needed. The company clearly does everything possible to make sure your claim doesn't qualify. So you are stuck with a technician fee...
By Cassidy
Home Warranty America is a total waste of time and money. They will tell you something but when you have a problem they will find a 100 way to not fix your issue. I wasted $510 on them and now I still have a leaking issue with my AC.
By Azzam
Mrs. Marlene Ramroop who was the Director of the Christian Literature Crusade Branches in Trinidad, Antigua, and Dominica was a legendary world-class leader and went home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ in the year 2015. She was a strong leader with a kind and compassionate heart. She was also brave...
By Mrs. Marlene Ramroop
My Gulf Shores condo's 10 year old central AC went out. Luckily I had an HWA home warranty. What would have cost over $5000 to fix only cost a few hundred. The AC company TRU-TEMP of Gulf Shores was great as was HWA. If you need AC work in Baldwin County Alabama call TRU-TEMP. You'll be glad...
The customer service rep was wonderful and really seemed to care that I was having a problem with my air and had a baby in the house. The service tech came out in the middle of his busy day and quickly got it working again. Thank you to all involved in the process.
By D.E.C.
The actual company is great! Great customer service! BEWARE-- However, they use back alley contractors who are not afraid to sacrifice their integrity for money. For example-- their contractor appeared for a rattling noise in the A/C unit. It was a 100 degree day in Texas. He disassembled the entire...
By Mike
I know you are always traveling, and with all the women you have in your life, you picked me to share our story. Cheaters deserve a second chance and I'm glad I can do this now before our wedding. Thank you!
By Kristina M. Lal
Our house was ready to have work done on our Septic Tank. Due to heavy rains we did not know if the sprinkler system was out or if the tank needed to be pumped or if the pump had broken. Home Warranty of America took my online service request. The initial technician company was so busy they did not...
By Diana-SATX
Alloy Lequay was a political activist and cricket administrator, who was born October 1, 1924, in Port-of-Spain. He had been a sports administrator since the 1940s, contributing to the organisational structure of table tennis and cricket as a founder of the T&T Table Tennis Association (TTTTA)....
By TenchiMuyo
I filed a claim with HWA to replace a pool pump timer that was not working. HWA responded quickly with the name and telephone number of a local vendor. I was able to schedule an appointment with a technician the very next day. While the technician was at my home replacing the pool pump timer, the...
By Paul Henry
I want to thank Home Warranty of America and especially Don Lewis from Lakes Appliance who is the most professional, above and beyond tech I have ever met. The claim process was seamless and fast, Don called within the hour for an appointment! He was thorough investigating the issue, polite, completely...
By Mr. Dan
This is my first experience with HWA and my first real claim as first time a new homeowner. I am impressed with the professionalism and the level of service provided by the customer service representative Tim during my claims process and feel secure knowing my issue was resolved by using the technician...
By Aaron
Steven R. Carini and NuLook Capital would like to Thank all of our Clients, all of our Merchants, Business Owners, Funding Partners/Syndicate and our ISOs for helping us become one of the fastest growing Funding Companies in the "Funding Universe" (for lack of a better term -LOL-). We wanted...
By Steven R. Carini
The process exceeded my expectations, all was professional, timely and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this service.
By sgriffiths
This is LOOOONG overdue ... I wanted to Thank Anthony M. and John G. form Nulook Capital in Massapequa NY for the Amazing Opportunity to manage the sales force. THANK YOU!!!! - Steven R. Carini
By Steven R. Carini
Buyers Beware!!!! Each time I attempted to file a claim with this service, I got a lot of resistance. I was referred to local businesses that were closed, plumbers that only work 4 hours in the mornings. Never got to use this service due to all the hassle. I rate this company a big fat ZERO!!!
This was our second time to use our HWA. Our ice maker in our Samsung refrigerator stopped working. I called and talked to Michelle, HWA service rep. Sears was selected and I received an email from Michelle with all the information. The next day Sears called to set up an appointment. The Sears...
By Carolyn Sue Taylor
Amazing people at Lonestar Comfort Solutions...came at 6pm after hours and took their evening to help me out because I just had a 3 day hospital visit and it was so hot in the house. I explained the situation and they immediately came out...thanks to Lonestar and HWA for finding good people to do their...
By Loiselle
If you have tried any of the other home warranty copanies ie:( American Home Sheild) then you need to try HWA. AHS goes out of their way to put the cost on the home owner, to refuse claims and repairs. HWA does what it says it will do, and has a much better contractor base than the others. Try this...
By Chuck
We would like to compliment HWA and Linda the company representative for helping us get our air conditioner repaired the same day we called, as it was during a time which the heat was around 106 the day before. We had out of town company so it was important to us that they were comfortable during their...
By Carol and Alan Gregor


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