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You do a wonderful job providing exceptional customer service and prompt shipping. Pet medication at it's lowest price, plus extra savings on coupon discounts. Thanks vetshop for the discounts.
By SeedsA
Fantastic list of products you offer at low prices and the help attitude of all reps is far superior than those in the U.S. Thank you and keep up the good work.
By PGeorgio
Ordering online from vetshop is about as easy as it gets, even greater that that your company doesn't charge a cent for shipping and, I do love the follow up with customers to make sure everything went well.
By Cproce24
I had been a customer for years from a different online pet pharmacy, but after trying okpet.com where there price and service is unbeatable. I am happy I switched.
By JMasters
Your costs are lower for the identical meds that my pet takes. Pet medications in the U.S. is so expensive. Thanks you pet care choice for providing us such lovely service and affordable prices.
By sarahd17
I just had my car tinted at a shop in kelowna called Tint Works, and the service and quality was perfect! Thanks.
By Mike
I have been in medications like celebrex, norvasc and other medications that cost so much here in the U.S. that I would need to stop on one medications to continue the other or drink just a half a pill but when a friend of mine told me that he was getting his medications from Canada medicine shop and...
By SaraD17
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By vebaplan.com
Dolan Media Newswires 01/22/2010 Small Business Retirement Plans Fuel Litigation Small businesses facing audits and potentially huge tax penalties over certain types of retirement plans are filing lawsuits against those who marketed, designed and sold the...
By lance wallach
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By lance wallach
Staying in touch with customers and responding quickly to the orders that are placed is a way of doing good business. Pureskin.com has proven that they not only have low prices that so hard to resist but given superb customer service too.
By Louise35
Dependable website. Searched everywhere for armour thyroid but could not find any, until I found this website canadamedicineshop.com and showing on their list was armour thyroid, immediately called customer service and ask if this was the synthetic ones that was coming out here and inform me all the...
By MallingsG
I have this problem with allergies all my life and for me to be able to purchase drixoral from my local stores it takes me an hours drive, good thing I have found Canada pharmacy on the web and found that this is a very reliable website to order meds from. I placed my order for drixoral and got a price...
By Kate Trinidad
I am so thankful for my3cents.com for providing a homosexual heaven in the community section where we play homosexual sex games all day.
By trmn8r
I've placed an order online for usasalesoutlet and ended with a problem, called in customer service and they were very helpful and resolved my problem promptly and even sent me an email that my order has already shipped out the same day I ordered. Fantastic Service!
By GeenaD14
West Coast Skin has a list of the best beauty products I have been getting for a long time now from my local store at a fraction of the cost. I've so much since I started ordering from their website. I recommend you try their website too, fast delivery!
By MarianneR
Canada Pharmacy the site to buy prescription medications. They are so reliable in terms of confidentiality with my info and card information. They also make sure that you receive your medications on time.
By KrishaE
Love the website okpet.com, customer service are really good, they are very helpful and acts promptly to any situation.
By RoseMcG
Fast shipping and great prices!
By Lester Carrie
This is an expert Caribbean-based company located in the Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago Its aim is to help others with their electrical issues via consultancy. They are experienced in both the domestic and industrial field and they can assist anyone who is in need of information in dealing with...
By Dan


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