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Genos Electrical Services Ltd: Very Outstanding And Excellent Company, No Complaints!
By Dan, 2011-10-12
This is an expert Caribbean-based company located in the Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago

Its aim is to help others with their electrical issues via consultancy.

They are experienced in both the domestic and industrial field and they can assist anyone who is in need of information in dealing with electrical issues either through the consultation service that they offer! There are no complaints with them when coming to this feature in their business practice. Absolutely none!

They operate with standards of excellence and perfection when it comes to electrical work. They believe in such a high standard because they believe in protecting the electrical safety needs of the consumer.

Their prices are designed based upon the nature of the electrical issue but are flexible.

Please feel free to contact them at::

Email: jurai4@rocketmail.com


Email: zoe_crypt@yahoo.com

or contact 1-868-647-7562 or 1-868-348-3466

Their fees for consultancy are:

$25:00 USD for simple electrical issues (this price is negotiable depending on the nature of the issue)

$50:00 USD and above for complex electrical issues (depending on the nature and complexity of the issue of course)

They are a company of integrity and honesty and they fully believe in such when it comes to financial dealings with the customer

They are always glad to render their help from the vast experience that they have in the electrical field!

You as a customer will definitely not be disappointed at all. Their prices can be adjusted to suit you.

Owner: Mr. Avin Balliram
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