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I want to thank Home Warranty of America and especially Don Lewis from Lakes Appliance who is the most professional, above and beyond tech I have ever met. The claim process was seamless and fast, Don called within the hour for an appointment! He was thorough investigating the issue, polite, completely...
By Mr. Dan
We would like to compliment HWA and Linda the company representative for helping us get our air conditioner repaired the same day we called, as it was during a time which the heat was around 106 the day before. We had out of town company so it was important to us that they were comfortable during their...
By Carol and Alan Gregor
My AC went out naturally over the weekend and i put in a call to HWA (Home Warranty of America). The first company told me they could not get to me till Thursday or Friday so i called HWA back and they found me a repairman who came out that day, a Monday, before noon. He was from Comfort Tech in New...
We got the warranty when we purchased our house. I've had to use it twice now on relatively small things. In both cases the repair was completed within a day, by technicians who were clean, professional and prompt. But here's the AMAZING part: Each time I have submitted my claim online...
By Smaz
I wish to highly praise and compliment Market Traders Institute (MTI), Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean for their excellent approach in dealing with all that pertained to me. The are simply the best and I highly recommend them without any hesitation. These brilliant people will help you at all times...
By James
You are doing a great job! Just keep staying in touch with your customers and responding quickly to orders placed. Pet Care Choice has proven to be very prompt and efficient
By JBentley23
I just had my car tinted at a shop in kelowna called Tint Works, and the service and quality was perfect! Thanks.
By Mike
This is an expert Caribbean-based company located in the Caribbean in Trinidad and Tobago Its aim is to help others with their electrical issues via consultancy. They are experienced in both the domestic and industrial field and they can assist anyone who is in need of information in dealing with...
By Dan
This is an experienced Caribbean-based company located in the country of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean that seeks to help others with their electrical issues via consultancy. They have experience in both the domestic and industrial field and can assist anyone who is in need of information in dealing...
By Jim
on the 28th against 29th of July, 2011. my phone, nokia E63 with IMEI NO, 353397043439127 which i bought on the 10th of October, 2010 was stolen from me right inside my room. please i would want to know if there is a way Nokia can assist me either by doing a trace on the stolen phone or better still,...
By johnson
Nothing can beat customer service of westcoastskin.com never imagine they would be that helpful, they actually went the extra mile to provide me more information on how the ordering process goes and advised me for best options I can get and went to verify with supervisor and their pharmacy about the...
By Cathy Yusef
Customer service with this website USAsalesoutlet.com is awesome. They really tend to all your questions and really provides you the necessary info for your order. really love honest and decent people and company!
By Jenn Brynes
I had experience at one point that my order was late or got lost, i called up customer service and informed them of the situation. they were so courteous and had immediately addressed the concern to a supervisor, good enough they were more than happy to send me another batch of my order and just requested...
By Gregg Reynolds
I have endorsed Bardi Toto via Video on Youtube. She is an amazing woman. I work with many people and you will never find anyone else to work with like her. She tells you like it is and is a straight shooter. I would recommend her to everyone.
By Les Brown
I got the pre-paid Netspend card and then got my perm. card. I've got my direct deposit going to it,alerts to let me know when deposits are made and w/ my Netspend Premier card,my other one, I ordered it online and got all kinds benefits w/it, they now have given me a direct number to avoid prompts...
By Cathandra Stephenson
I got the beast customer service ever from Becky's Bath Salts. I am a regular user of Aromatherapy Naturals bath salts, so they kinda know me. Whenever I have had a need for extra customer service or questions, they bend over backwards to help me. I just love those guys!
By Vonda
After dealing with a messy divorce (married for 14 years, young children, custody battle, the whole 9 yards) I was eager to just move on with my life, and move back to Florida, so my kids could be closer to their grandparents. It was a stressful time in all of our lives, and having to relocate my...
By Alis
Just want to share my experience with ordering my pet medications from totalpetsupply. I have read and heard so bad comments about this online shop. I have been a customer of theirs for quite some time now and i can say that no company is perfect. totalpetsupply may have it's fair share of delays...
By AlGavin
the b2B market are making only false enquiry .. play with customer like us .. i pay more than 1lac.. to them.. tradeindia & indiamart.they are playng & fooling the customer.. pls don't pay to them..................
By xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I had this one time experience that it was taking too long to receive my order which never happened in the past, so I called their customer service to ask about my order. and as soon as called in they immediately address my concern with their shipping department, and they provided me a date wherein i...
By Josh B


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