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Why I <3 Budget Van Lines
By Alis, 2011-05-09
After dealing with a messy divorce (married for 14 years, young children, custody battle, the whole 9 yards) I was eager to just move on with my life, and move back to Florida, so my kids could be closer to their grandparents.

It was a stressful time in all of our lives, and having to relocate my family to another state was an added stress that I was not looking forward to. I started calling moving companies, and kept getting the runaround by pushy salespeople and the calls kept coming in- at ALL hours, day and night.

Finally, I spoke to a representative at Budget Van Lines who broke it all down for me in just a few minutes and reassured me that there is no reason this should be stressing me out- we’re just moving furniture, after all, lol. He gave me an estimate that kept me on my budget and continued providing professional courtesy all the way until my items were delivered, no matter how many times I called and bugged him with questions.

I *never* write reviews, but I received so much help through this trying time that I promised the first thing I would do when I hooked my computer up would be to share my glowing opinion of Budget Van Lines, and that’s just what I did! To Dan from Budget- if you see this- thanks again!
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