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My AC went out naturally over the weekend and i put in a call to HWA (Home Warranty of America). The first company told me they could not get to me till Thursday or Friday so i called HWA back and they found me a repairman who came out that day, a Monday, before noon. He was from Comfort Tech in New...
My family recently moved to Hendersonville, NC. The sellers gave us aone year contract with HWA. I didn't think that I would ever use it but in one week the A/C quit working and the power in our downstairs sunroom blew. I immediately called HWA and spoke to a customer service rep. Within a few...
By Joel Lefkowitz
I want to commend Liz Wahl for standing up in such a way against antagonism that she saw on a Russian funded television station that causes her in my mind to merit the highest of all honors and the highest of all that can be deemed respectable. She showed true courage in standing up for what she believed...
By Liz Wahl
HWA, Home Warranty of America, has been very helpful. Both times I have called the process was very easy and quick. I was really impressed with the technicians yesterday. They were more efficient and effective than the ones sent during the summer. The other company said that the leak in my heating and...
By K G Ellis
Gun Sword also known as GUNĂ—SWORD which is a Japanese animated television series produced by AIC A.S.T.A. must be considered: The Greatest Japanese Anime Ever. The storyline is interesting mixed in from time to time with seeds of comic relief scattered appropriately throughout the story. Gun X...
By Tim
To Sherrece Villafana, I am a dark skinned East Indian man from your own home country of Trinidad and Tobago from the southern region. Hopefully this should not bother some but then again there are the others who can be bothered by it. No matter. I am here to express an eternal commendation and...
By S.H.
I love this service I have owned 3 homes and have had this policy on all of them, but never used it until now. I guess i was discouraged by having to call and make an appointment and then always having to pay the service fee of $100. Once I activated the service I tried the online service request and...
By Kayser937
Tenchi Muyo is the greatest anime series ever. It has everything from action to suspense to comedy, etc. It is the crowning achievement of the Pioneer corporation who produced the series and one they are to be highly commended about and complimented for. Looking into this anime series as well as the...
By Jack
Dad worked long hours in the largest tailors shop here,& mum finished chores ASAP walking the mile to help,just leaving in time to welcome 3.sons home from school,We normally sat in order of age on a seat backs to the wall,one night my younger bro.pushed me & slid in the middle,I flicked his...
By werthy7
On a very hot weekend in July my neighbor called my cell to say that my air conditioner had made a loud bang and had emitted smoke. I rushed home to check and couldn't get the unit to shut off. I was afraid it might be a fire hazard, so called HWA and told them the situation, The service rep...
By V. Hays
This is the most excellent book out there concerning being healed from a hurtful divorce. The author who is no stranger to divorce herself gives many wise and practical principles for healing from issues relating to divorce. Rose Sweet the author of the book also tells stories from her own life and...
By Leslie
Finally, some people who aren't emo, depressed, and always grumpy! I've been looking forever for something like this. No trolls, no bullies, none of em! This makes me very happy! :D
By Kitty Kat 1801
Irina Rukosueva is a brilliant, educated, and dedicated Russian woman who works with Russian orphans in her homeland of Russia. Some of these orphans are extremely physically challenged with seemingly no hope in the world they live in. Irina however has been known to be caring, warm, and friendly towards...
By Peter
I wish to post a compliment about Kristina Bondarenko who resides in Kiev, Ukraine. Having gotten to know her I know that I have come across someone who has shown themselves to be 100% genuine, sincere, honest, and truthful in her ways. Kristina comes from very humble beginnings and due to the impoverished...
By Peter
My water heater broke and I filed a claim online late in the evening. To make it short, by the next evening I had a new water heater. That is service!
By E Simons
To, Sub: - Regarding fraud & racketeering in the name of IRDA. Sir, With reference to the above mentioned subject, I want to attract your kind attention towards fraudulent behavior of some notorious persons who are swindling the innocent people by investing their money in various...
By Hari Om
I love you and I am in love with you Kathy Troccoli. However because of your definition of a "man" I do not think that you can ever love someone like me because I happen to be a nonwhite Christian individual. I am Indian in fact but because of this I doubt you could ever love someone with...
By Hayden
Reship.com provides a good forwarding service. I live outside the United States and received the shipment safely via Reship.com. The handling fee is reasonable. Cusomer Service answered my concerns within one business day. The Account manager is easy-to-use. They provide a variety of shipping methods....
By Ken
We got the warranty when we purchased our house. I've had to use it twice now on relatively small things. In both cases the repair was completed within a day, by technicians who were clean, professional and prompt. But here's the AMAZING part: Each time I have submitted my claim online...
By Smaz
LinkenTech, PC Expert Support is an online technical Support for Windows PC's, Software, PC Security,Applications, Devices Setup and Install and LinkenTech, has recently going to launch its online pc store for softwares and electronics. Linkentech is reseller partner with Dell Canada,Norton,Mcafee,Kaspersky,Wallmart,Bestbuy...
By pc goggle reviews


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