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An Incredible Mother
By werthy7, 2013-07-12
Dad worked long hours in the largest tailors shop here,& mum finished chores ASAP walking the mile to help,just leaving in time to welcome 3.sons home from school,We normally sat in order of age on a seat backs to the wall,one night my younger bro.pushed me & slid in the middle,I flicked his shoulder gently but Sook then he kicked up a fuss,After tea dad had me bend & "Applied the Board of Education to the Seat of Learning"I felt angry & rebellious as,1.it was not serious enough for either to be punished,2.HE Started it so should also be punished if I was,But hearing a Gasp at the sink I glanced up to see a few big tears drop into the washup water,So went to bed humbled & "Chastened,Not by a Fathers Ruler,But a Mothers Tear",I told it at the 100th party, had a great response,& thankfully he wasn't offended
By Ellinhamy, 2019-10-16 21:32:15
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