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Reship.com Review AAA+
By Ken, 2013-01-26
Reship.com provides a good forwarding service. I live outside the United States and received the shipment safely via Reship.com. The handling fee is reasonable. Cusomer Service answered my concerns within one business day. The Account manager is easy-to-use. They provide a variety of shipping methods. I recommend Reship.com to you.
By Marina, 2013-08-08 19:09:01
Hot!Me gusta!Rock on!Funny!Call me maybe? (ok, just kidding…)You could place an intviation to the other person to come our site too, like something like ” we have things in common can you check my page?” – Just an idea. : )
By Yassine, 2015-10-21 16:34:00
This is Kelly, Drew's aunt, Becky's sister. Drew was my first baby he was born when I was in maybe 10th grade, and I prltcicalay lived with Becky and Dan at the time. I carted him everywhere on my hip. To see the amazing man he has grown into, and the absolutely beautiful woman (inside and out) he has married brings me more joy than there are words. I had to miss the wedding but these beautiful pictures have me in (happy) tears! I have to tell you the pictures taken on the railroad tracks have special meaning because growing up, the railroad tracks were our playground. It's like a connection to Grandma and Grandpa Owen having those pictures, so thank you!Drew and Brittani, Nixon and Avery I love you all and can't wait to spend time with you soon!!!All my love,Aunt Kelly
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