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Kristina Bondarenko (100% Genuine, Sincere, Anthentic and Real)
By Peter, 2013-05-06
I wish to post a compliment about Kristina Bondarenko who resides in Kiev, Ukraine. Having gotten to know her I know that I have come across someone who has shown themselves to be 100% genuine, sincere, honest, and truthful in her ways. Kristina comes from very humble beginnings and due to the impoverished nature of Ukraine has had to work seven (7) days a week for long hours at a time just to survive. Her intelligence is remarkable and impressive. She speaks several languages including English extremely well. I have been absolutely amazed by this fact in my communications with her. She is truly outstanding in this regard.

I write this compliment having known this true soul for quite some time because of an injustice done to her by a site called Global7.com having stolen her identity and posted negative and untruthful remarks and comments about her. Other women from Ukraine have also complained about what this site has done.

I wish to state that Kristina Bondarenko is completely 100% opposite to these complaints posted by Global7.com. She is the most genuine person I have ever come across in the Ukraine and I have no hesitation in giving her the highest of all compliments that I can give to her and hence the reason for me posting a compliment about her on this wonderful compliment's site which she fully and most certainly deserves.
By Wendel, 2015-10-21 16:13:28
Wow. First of this is an amazing song and the video codlun't compliment it better. The song to me is about the emotion your left with when two people are deeply in love and respect each other but you know that it will not work out in the end. At the end of the day we will all be alone to face the darkness by ourselves. The person in this song, his girlfriend, decides to gather the strength to break it off. The video starts off with people gathering for a celebration and a girl shows up, presumably his ex girlfriend as they keep catching each others eyes with a saddened look. The horse in the video represents his love as something he loves and respects but the horses time has come. They celebrate the horses life wiping ash on the horse as a ritual one by one saying their goodbyes. At the end of the video he loads his shotgun and kills the horse putting it to rest.
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