Irina Rukosueva
By Peter, 2013-06-09
Irina Rukosueva is a brilliant, educated, and dedicated Russian woman who works with Russian orphans in her homeland of Russia. Some of these orphans are extremely physically challenged with seemingly no hope in the world they live in. Irina however has been known to be caring, warm, and friendly towards these children and her heart has been seen to be full of compassion and tender loving care for these wonderful young souls who are in so much hurt and in so much pain.

We need more people like her in the world whose selfless service and sacrifice to humanity must be recognized since people like these add a little bit more sunshine to the world around them. It is for this reason that this great compliment must be given to Irina Rukosueva for she is certainly deserving of this and certainly many more indeed.

Irina can be reached by typing in her full name "Irina Rukosueva" on the search engine at You Tube where one can view her videos regarding her work with these Russian orphaned children.
By Bill Szmyrko, 2014-01-03 22:23:37
Hi Irina:
You've been given a lot a gifts by God.
1) A beautiful voice
2) Your work with orphan kids in Russia.
Keep up the good work.
Your friend,
By Merita, 2015-10-21 17:30:15
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