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Kathy Troccoli: Will You Love Someone Like Me?
By Hayden, 2013-02-02
I love you and I am in love with you Kathy Troccoli. However because of your definition of a "man" I do not think that you can ever love someone like me because I happen to be a nonwhite Christian individual. I am Indian in fact but because of this I doubt you could ever love someone with darker complexion that is completely different to your own.

Can you ever broaden your horizons and definition of what a man is to include someone like me?
By Norm, 2013-06-26 12:46:11
That's not Kathy's comment I am sure. That's just a racist it seems
By Zentik, 2013-08-10 03:43:27
bonjour michelle, bonne annee!i am fenelig better and going back to work today (finally)! yes i have been working on the story on and off and i am writing the story backward starting from the specified famous last line. yes, we should be able to see my entry this month. thanks for the patience!
By Oca, 2015-10-21 17:50:48
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