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Steven R. Carini and NuLook Capital would like to Thank all of our Clients, all of our Merchants, Business Owners, Funding Partners/Syndicate and our ISOs for helping us become one of the fastest growing Funding Companies in the "Funding Universe" (for lack of a better term -LOL-). We wanted...
By Steven R. Carini
I love you and I am in love with you Kathy Troccoli. However because of your definition of a "man" I do not think that you can ever love someone like me because I happen to be a nonwhite Christian individual. I am Indian in fact but because of this I doubt you could ever love someone with...
By Hayden
I received a mail in my box that I have won £500,000 in the lottery that was conducted in london, the message was sent through the mail address nokialondonlive@live.com. I was asked to send my details which I did but later theyb asked me to make some payments to a bank account in my country, the amount...
By Olawale Olarinde Theophilus
Pat, I want to thank you for believing in me, and for your unconditional love and support. And I thank you for discussing my crazy ideas, going over all the alternatives and consequences, and always lending me your shoulder when those ideas blow up in my face, and for never sayng, "I told you...
By Brenda
" HARD CANDY IMAGES " is a freelance photography business ran by Stacy Castro. It impressed me that she had so many great contacts (make-up artists & stylists) in the San Jose & San Francisco area in order to make a photoshoot be all it should be. Stacy was fun, patient & focused...
By Samanta Bloom
Your are so fragrant! It was a delight lifting you into the tube. It was like you hadn't been fed in years!
By Rob

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