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Home Warranty of America service calls
By Joel Lefkowitz, 2014-05-12
My family recently moved to Hendersonville, NC. The sellers gave us aone year contract with HWA. I didn't think that I would ever use it but in one week the A/C quit working and the power in our downstairs sunroom blew.

I immediately called HWA and spoke to a customer service rep. Within a few minutes she had given me the name, phone # and contract # for each company.
The next day I received a call from an A/C rep as well as an electrician setting up appointments to come to my home.
The A/CC rep came within an hour of my call and fixed the problem within an hour. He then checked the freon before he left.
The next morning the electrician showed up and was also very knowledgable. He found the problem, fixed it and showed me what had caused the problem.

I was very impressed by both service men as well as Home Warranty of America. I will certainly sign up again next year as well.
By the way, all I paid for on each call was a $100 service call. Nothing else.
By Eliane, 2015-10-21 16:35:34
Thnnikig like that shows an expert at work
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