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We are looking at some additional office space in Lynbrook N.Y. and Jose, the contractor for the owners of the building is a great guy and knows his stuff. I think we might go ahead with the lease. Thanks Jose
By Making Consumers Your Client, LLC
So happy to be dealing with totalpetsupply.com, so much effort in customer service and the products I buy from them are all of quality and prices are so cheap. Just wished I had found about you guys years ago. Keep up the good work.
By MarkS
DOn't u wish u could be like me?
By Balla shot calla alwaypimpin neva simpin
I appreciate how vetshop.com sends out my order the same day. Good, prompt service!!!
By Gerald C
Roseanne works the drive thru window most mornings at the Temple City, CA McDonalds. If you are a regular, she will greet you by name, and will make your day with a smile. Sometimes a simple and friendly gesture as a greeting by name, and a friendly smile will set the tone of your day. Thank you, Roseanne...And...
By Sherri Bo Berry
Nothing can beat customer service of westcoastskin.com never imagine they would be that helpful, they actually went the extra mile to provide me more information on how the ordering process goes and advised me for best options I can get and went to verify with supervisor and their pharmacy about the...
By Cathy Yusef
Petcarechoice.com was great, not only that I was able to get a low price on my pet products but was even given a coupon discount. Keep up the good work!
By Mark Shieds
The lowest price I found on the web, thanks canpharm.com for providing us low prices!
By angelina S
Good to know that there is a website that has an extensive list of products that is effective but doesn't charge you that much. Thumbs up for birthcontrol.com,
By ThomasS
I have found a wonderful home at the social network site, www.singnsap.com. It is a great place for those who love to sing and listen to others do so. The staff and members are so friendly and helpful. Even the president, Trevor McGuire makes himself available to the community. I am so happy...
By I love SingSnap
Customer service with this website USAsalesoutlet.com is awesome. They really tend to all your questions and really provides you the necessary info for your order. really love honest and decent people and company!
By Jenn Brynes
There is a young guy who came and did a concert at one of my fundraisers a few years back. I was overwhelmed and swept away by his amazing performance. He had a kind of temptations-smokey robinson to him. He was definitley worth every single penny. I really really hope that he comes back on the scene,...
By surfergirl1972
Location 3470 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, Ca 90010 I was contacted about some warranties these people had a few months back and I remember the call to be somewhat strange. These people are far from sales reps and unlike other warranty companies, they take an unbiased look at what woulod be the...
By dukeofconsumertown411
I want to write of a wonderful web portal I came across named www.homehealth360.com. It's an online health care caregiver community where you can seek caregivers or gain employment. Mom took ill three years ago and with my full time job I could not tend to her everyday so I discovered a great caregiver...
By Marika Bennett
My wife ROCKS. While I rarely get BJs, otherwise I'm very pleased. She services me most mornings, without getting all mushy about it. Sometimes she even brings in coffee and breakfast right before she jumps on it. She keeps my rowdy kids away from me while I'm working. She lays the smackdown...
By Lucky Guy
I signed up with Trinity at the beginning of the year. I found myself in a tight spot and I needed some help. I went from credit scores in the 600s to credit scores in the mid 700s! Because of the help I received from Trinity Credit Services I was able to refinance my mortgage. I now SAVE $457/month!...
By happyintexas
We really appreciated this company from start to finish. The telephone staff seemed happy to be speaking with us and spent several minutes covering details. The men that performed the cleaning were on time and worked the entire time without taking any breaks.The finalprice was the same as the original...
By Michael Miller
Westcoastskin.com is a good website to purchase your beauty products, fast delivery everytime!!!
By Cathie Simons
I had experience at one point that my order was late or got lost, i called up customer service and informed them of the situation. they were so courteous and had immediately addressed the concern to a supervisor, good enough they were more than happy to send me another batch of my order and just requested...
By Gregg Reynolds
My husband and I got Fairpoint since December 2010. Starting in April 2011 the internet has gone down, reboots, don't let me online for 10-15 minets, The employees are all rude. you are lucky if you talk to one nice employee there. one day we called Fairpoint to tell them about the issuses and...
By Tessarae


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