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I have been ordering my wife's medication from this company, have not been disappointed with their service. The prices of the pills (yasmin) my wife have been taking is so affordable and not to mention quality. I'd recommend this company to everyone.
By Joe Sliverman
I recently transacted with Mapco using my PayPal card. Mapco hit my card with the transaction plus an extra $50.00 transaction. When I called PayPal, they could see it was bogus and credited my account. The transaction was an overdraft and PayPal went to my backup funding to get the money on this...
By B. J. Sherlin
This company is ripping people off real bad. i have a ICD in and these guys almost my machine go off by getting upset and my family now do not have no more money to live on to next month. My name is Catherine Bradford and Avasco Group keep's telling me that they going to send me my $4,500.00 back...
By drrevcath
NuBuilt Construction, Denver-based firm specializing in property restoration as a result of fire and flooding, provided me some of the best service I have ever received from any company. Surely, as with anything as complex as my situation was, it came with its own set of problems and delays. Nevertheless,...
By Michael Tamburello
These people really made sure we were taken care of. Provided excellent customer service and made sure we had help after the sale even on a weekend. Thanks Dmaxwrenchkit.com
By customer satisfied
These people really made sure we were taken care of. Provided excellent customer service and made sure we had help after the sale even on a weekend. Thanks Dmaxwrenchkit.com
By customer satisfied
I just wanted to share my story about buying from Animedvdsupply.com ... :D The reason why is because when I ordered from them I reviewed all kinds of complaints about them.. yes they are bootlegs.. but they have to be the BEST bootlegs I have EVER purchased.. Cheaper prices if you are low on money.....
By Shelby S.
THIS IS SECOND COMLENT........ Hai sir my name is koteswararao, my bike number no.AP26AH5787, I have been using Passion Pro for the last three months, my bike 2nd service given sarayu auto, 6-3-504, 505, mini by pass road, nellore-003.11/12/2010 at 9.00am, my bike take 5.00pm, job card...
I had an emergency roof repair and could not reach any one after hours. Frank at All Area Roofing took my call personally and had an emergency repair crew to my home. These guys saved the day. ALL AREA ROOFING is simply the best customer service I have seen in a long time.
By rickmartel
I have been in business 34 years and in all my contacts have met few who have presented themselves and delivered concisely and professionally as they did for me today. I've been with Local Splash over a year now and am so happy Local Splash called and your team Delivered on your promise to provide...
By Joe H
I receive a notice from the IRS for back taxes. I felt some of the blame was due to my CPA's handling of my tax returns. I heard an ad on the radio for AmeriStar Tax Centers that they specialize in IRS cases. My CPA was a bookkeeper and business advisor but reluctant to fight back or challenge the...
By allswell
This ,is juniorloancompany007@yahoo.com, a private loan lender.We provide funding for companies and individuals that need funding. We work domestic as well as international companies. Our funding sources specialize in creative solutions to meet your needs for expansion, growth etc.Our company...
By Mr musa
: Hello, We are Christian Organization formed to help people in needs of helps,such as financial help.So if you are going through financial difficulty or you are in any financial mess,and you need funds to start up your own business,or you need loan to settle your debt or pay off your bills,start...
By Mr musa
This free online Word to PDF converter converts Microsoft Office documents (.doc /.docx / .xls / .xlsx) and OpenOffice documents (.odt / .ods) to Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf) documents with a single click without any software or plugin installing.
By Alex Muarey
Why manjam is wanting payments for gay dating? by Kareem Tabish on Saturday, 08 January 2011 at 12:39 Why manjam is wanting payments for gay dating? i have seen that manjam want payments for gay dating while manjam has at-least 100000 fake profiles with fake names and fake pictures of celebrities...
By kareem
To summarize, I received incorrect information from a KLM counter clerk when I departed Seattle, WA, USA with my two dogs, for Hamburg, Germany, in Spring, 2010. Due to KLM's animal transport rules, I found upon my arrival at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, that my dogs could not continue on the...
By DanielB.
I intend to propose to my girlfriend. I have a (hopefully) Romantic manner in which to do so. Plus, antbody here, tell me if I am wrong: is it opkay to pen my proposal in the form of a poem? I will not do it in Venice, Italy. I tried that once, to positive effect, and then whoosh!, she disappeared!...
By landrew
I had gone to Bridal Shops and just could not find a wedding dress the would fit me right. They all said the alter it to cover my breast. I have very large breast DDD. They only had 1 or 2 dresses that I even liked and I didn't want to buy the dress then hate it after they made the changes. I went...
By Autumn
I ordered a stainless steel stiove top from Home Everything Nov 30Th thinking that it would arrive between 5 to 7 days as noted. Those 7 days pasted without an email from the company so, I e-mailed the company inquiring as to where my stove top was. Several days later, an e-mail was sent that it would...
By Riverton Mom
I used ecommerce positioning ecommercepositioning.com about 1 year ago to do my web design and marketing. I got my website very quickly and within the first 3 months I was getting tons of customers to my site and product orders.I am very happy with ecommercepositioning.com. Please visit my site soundandtint.com...
By Sound and Tint


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