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AmeriStar Tax Centers helps with IRS Problems.
By allswell, 2011-01-27
I receive a notice from the IRS for back taxes. I felt some of the blame was due to my CPA's handling of my tax returns. I heard an ad on the radio for AmeriStar Tax Centers that they specialize in IRS cases. My CPA was a bookkeeper and business advisor but reluctant to fight back or challenge the IRS. AmeriStar case managers are actual CPAs and former IRS agents. All they do is represent people with IRS problems. My case worker was friendly and updated me on the progress, any questions she would ask the case manager (CPA) and call back. I regularly was told my case manager was working with the Revenus officer at the IRS or just spoke to the IRS about my case. I signed a POA so all IRS notices and calls were directed to AmeriStar and I was sent a duplicate copy of mail received so I was updated on status. I didn't have to deal with the IRS agent. It all worked out great, I wasn't expecting to pay pennies on the dollar, I know I owe the money, I just didn't want to a lien or my pay check garnished. AmeriStar's CPA re-did my tax returns and I am able to pay the amount back over time.. The payment plan is very managable and fair. My file is cleaned up and current. AmeriStar Tax Centers is a very professional firm.
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