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By DanielB., 2011-01-07
To summarize, I received incorrect information from a KLM counter clerk when I departed Seattle, WA, USA with my two dogs, for Hamburg, Germany, in Spring, 2010. Due to KLM's animal transport rules, I found upon my arrival at Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, that my dogs could not continue on the connecting flight as planned. KLM re-routed me and my dogs via Paris, thence to Hamburg. The resulting time delay meant that I missed my pickup in Hamburg. I then took a taxi from the Hamburg airport to Kiel (my lodging.)

I subsequently notified KLM in writing of the mix-up and requested reimbursement of my 150 Euro taxi fare. KLM replied that they could not reimburse me for the taxi, but gave me a 300 Euro coupon towards any future KLM tickets, plus a letter of apology.

I was quite impressed by this gracious response from KLM, and though I am not a big fan of airlines in general, I am a fan of KLM!
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