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Merchandise never delivered ! Money gone !
By Riverton Mom, 2010-12-28
I ordered a stainless steel stiove top from Home Everything Nov 30Th thinking that it would arrive between 5 to 7 days as noted. Those 7 days pasted without an email from the company so, I e-mailed the company inquiring as to where my stove top was. Several days later, an e-mail was sent that it would arrive between Dec 15 -20 by ups. I waited and waited to no avail ! No stove top or even an e-mail from this company. I called them several times and finally someone told me that, they had dropped it at the warehouse and it was damaged and a new one would arrive by Dec 28. Well, nothing ! More e-mails saying that, it would be shipped out and a notice would be sent as soon as it was shipped. I am without my stovetop and they have my money ! They are suppose to have a 5 star rating well this is totally for the birds ! i will never buy anything from this company again ! Their customer department is terrible !
It has been one lie after another ! I also plan on telling yahoo which rated them 5 star to look again into this company before backing it with such a high rating !
By Jenn, 2011-01-13 18:42:59
This site is for compliments! Maybe they never delivered it because you are retarded?? Just a thought.....
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