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I work in an executive office environment and dress nicely, but have recently started replacing items in my wardrobe with more quality, less quantity. I have been shopping at Talbot's . Not only are their clothes more "crisp" and professional than the department store clothes (fine for...
By Brandon
High school English homework is a drag. I used Wikipedia to help me get some information that would impress my teacher and save me from a bad grade and got an A+ now my parents are letting me off the hook for ALL of spring break! Thanks Wikipedia. Never thought I'd ever have anything to brag about...
By Francis
I have used other email services before lots of the free ones are buggy and lost my mail but Gmail is always trustworthy!
By Joseph
World of Discovery Day Camp of Bayside Queens, NY has been proudly serving families of Queens for nearly 30 years! Camp tuition includes prompt and courteous door-to-door pick up and drop off at your home. The summer camp bus will come directly to your home each morning and your child will be greeted...
By World of Discovery Day Camp
I've discovered YouTube and cannot get enough of it. It's like an addiction! You Tube is so cool. I'm going to start up an all girls internet show where we talk about health, happiness, relationships, men (!!!), and fashion (!!!!!) anyone care to join me? Send me a note if you want to...
By Dylan
I met with Matt, the owner of Vestal Builders, after seeing an ad in a local paper. I had been considering purchasing new siding for my lake home for quite a while, but had not had much time to look into the different kinds available. Matt was very patient with me, bringing all different types of siding...
By Mrs.Shaw
We wanted to thank Kenmore Air for a wonderful seaplane experience from Lake Union, Seattle, WA to Victoria, B.C. (inner harbor). They are fast, efficient, and on time. The flight was smooth and because they fly around 7500-10,000 ft., you get a great view of the Puget Sound. Arrived in Victoria in about...
By Tonny
It is about time an airline resorts back to what made airlines a billion dollar industry in the first place, a great experience and great customer service. I recently flew round-trip from Tucson, AZ to Austin, TX for business and I felt I was pampered all the way especially for a small economy airline....
By Jeff
Hi, I just wanted to compliment Majic Windows on a job well done! All of the staff was so helpful and I received what I was promised. My windows are doing great; I've been amazed at how much lower my electricity bills are this summer even though I've been running the AC non-stop! Thanks...
By Giraffe333
I had been having problems with my Dell XPS laptop (Vista locking up, etc) and I had pretty much exhausted all of my options. I tried running some programs that some forums recommended, like HijackThis, and AdAware, but they didn't seem to help much. I even tried to talk with Dell tech support but...
By Peter
Missingmoney.com is just great, you will end up spending a lot of time there and looking up everyone you know...
By Robby
Oprah Winfrey is such an incredible inspiration these days. Her shows have been amazing and I love what she's doing for her fellow human beings. My favorite show of all time is the Oprah Winfrey Show. I want to post this to say Thank you Oprah for being a human angel!!
By StanStacie
When was the last time you found a competent broker that you liked and who worked for their money? Never? Well, their is an exception out there. Bob Cacciola who works at Corcoran of all places. This guy works hard for the money, prepares printouts of houses you will see, listens to what you...
By Stephanie
If you are a business looking for ways to build your brand then consider DiGo advertising in New York. I have worked with them and they place you, the client, first and treat you as an equal, value your opinion and want to make you happy. This might sound obvious but many ad agencies really do...
By Jordan
www.areteeducation.com As a B student I was told by my high-school adviser that I would NOT get into an Ivy League School. I starting working with Nikki mid-way through my junior year. She empowered me to think big and go for what I wanted. Yesterday I received my acceptance letter to Cornell. Nikki...
By Alex
After many years and loyal followers at ZoneHampton out East (East Hampton), Marion Roaman has finally opened up a bright and vibrant studio on the Upper East Side of Manhattan (67th and 3rd). I planned to take Marion's class on a Friday morning but had to catch a flight so I took Rebecca's...
By Margaret
I came to know about online resource wheelsnext.com and with some further questions and clearing my doubts I brought fantastic setup directly from Wheelsnext.com Every thing was so smooth and fast that I can really appreciate wheelsnext.com And I like to recommend wheelsnext.com for any wheels,...
By John
Describing The' Adore' means risking confusing the reader or slighting the food. But in attempt to try The' Adore' is a smooth mix of Asian precision with traditional Italian sandwiches. You walk into a cute old fashioned house past the perfectly aligned pastries and coffee...
By Sam
Went to the Auto show with my wife who i had to practically drag there. I am writing to say that the show was flawlessly done although a bit crowded but that i am sure is good for all. My wife even had a good time in spite of herself and that is a big thank you to the show.
By Jazzy
I'm a grad student at Georgia Southern University. My computer is my lifeline right now to my family, friends and classes. About 18 months ago OfficeMax had a service in their store here where they did in store computer repairs and service. It was run by the sweetest lady who not only knows computers,...


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