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In a city filled with Duane Reeds it's great to have an independent drug store in the neighborhood. Their selection of things for babies - bottles, creams, diapers, pacifiers, etc is extensive and fairly priced. With a newborn baby running out for various supplies is a non-stop routine and Essentials...
By Matt
I have had a phone with Unicel for years. They have always treated me well, had great customer service, my bill is always accurate, and I have great Cellular service. I only wish people would take more use of their great service. They are a CLASS A Company and you should never even think of getting Cellular...
By Rich Johnson
Dwellcraft is way above the cut when it comes to doing home remodeling projects. I have owned several homes and done many remodeling projects over the years here in Seattle and Dwellcraft did the best work at the most reasonable cost with a special attention to detail and quality. Mark Darbous is...
By Megan
I would like to take this time out to thank Rapid Recovery Solution, Inc. for collecting on some really old balances that were owed to our company. My company had reached an all time low and we had absolutely no revenue coming in. I own a shipping company which has a very small spread to capture revenue....
By Mike Jennings
87 east fourth st.ny. Good food,good service and reasonable prices.You can't beat the $11.95 early bird for a decent meal including wine and dessert.
By Saimon
If your Mac is ever on the blink then the genius bar in soho is your place. Fully staffed and there just to help you. We all love the mac stores as a place to browse and spend money. But when you have a computer problem the free Genius Bar can usually solve the problem. Why would anyone ever buy...
By George
A while back I bought some leads from Best Rate Referrals based out of Las Vegas. Their owners Ray 'Jake' Bartreau and Zach South were not only helpful and polite, but gave me a great deal as well. The leads were highly targeted morttgage trigger leads and they really were good ones. Since...
By Charles Moscow
This small, neighborhood toy shop on West Broadway in Tribeca has knowledgable, laid back sales people and makes shopping for toys painless, even on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. -Jasmine
By Jasmine
We still don't understand how being slandered online can be legal. We are told that the government actually defends the complaint sites. It was killing our business. We hired Reputation Advocate and they created an acceptable solution. They did not promise the moon or that they could get this crap...
By Reputation Advocate
On a recent flight into Newark Airport, our flight was delayed over three hours and was one of the last flights to arrive for the evening. As we were stuck on the plane, I was unable to call to notify A1 of our delay. Much to my pleasure, our car and driver met us upon our arrival after midnight - I...
By J.Kokhberg
I visited Zyardsale.com and found more than what I was looking for. I recommend this site for anyone that is cost conscious.
By Cindy Bearford
I bought some fitness products from www.BeBodySmart.com for my school. I cannot thank enough for their excellent customer service, timely delivery, great product selection and top of all that the great prices! They went out of their way to accommodate our needs. Sometimes I wonder why people...
By Mobina Akram
About 2 or 3 months ago I joined www.gameduell.com and upgraded my player account so that I could play for real money. Within a few months I had already won more than $100 (G$10,000 in their currency). Requested a withdrawal, and not long afterwards was ask to confirm my identity for security reasons....
By Richard Morellos
I have to say that the W was not a bad hotel. Put my mom up there for a few days. Great service from room service and bellman. Very quick and detailed. A bit expensive but maybe worth the price if you like prompt and courteous Hotel employees.
By Josh
I think DirecPath has exceeded my expectations in terms of install service and quality of video and internet. They arrived at their appointment on time and got me going in less than 20 minutes. Their tech was even on his game and provided with some neat proprietary content information about DirecTV....
By Jonny
I never regretted the fact that I paid 4000 dollars when I signed up 18 months ago. At the time, I wasn’t so happy but if I would have known how they were going to help me, I wouldn’t have worried about it so much. The story starts less than two years ago when I walked into their local office...
By Caroline
After seeing the complaints on net, the guy who did not even pick up my calls after cheating me to the tune of $4500 called me back. He is returning me the money in 1 week. All this happened in just 2 weeks. Thank you Www.ConsumerComplaints.In for helping me. I loved your quick responses.
By RVer
USA Locksmiths have very professional locksmiths services and they provide very fast service. And I also found them cheap. And they are also national wide locksmiths service provider. Their website: Locksmith
By Jonathan Smith
My daughter had a party here on Saturday....It was fun for all ages who attended!! I would go again and have another "Girls Day"!!! Everyone working was very helpful and hands on. Lots of young talent there.... P. Wesley
By P. Wesley
Snell Experts is a great lead company who really cares about you and your small business and offer folks any city in the USA for only $16.25 per month. All you do is pay a monthly fee and the leads come direct to you. They are kind and really want to help the small business woman and man.
By A wonderful lead company for your business


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