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I'm a regular customer at your locations in Dayton, OH and Cincinnati, OH. I enjoy the food and general atmosphere of the restaurant very much. So much that I visit one of the locations mentioned at least twice a week personally. I also take my family (usually a total of 8-12) to one of the locations...
By Isaac
I just received my order yesterday. I had been a bit concerned, because I had never been a customer with Solid Signal before and I was not sure what to expect. The order process went smoothly, and I was even contacted, by email and by phone, to resolve an error on my end. With that issue resolved, the...
By Robb Dickson
Momote chose XMLmind as our XML editor of choice for documenting The Momote MX Mobile Development Platform. XMLmind XML Editor allowed us to create DocBook XML that could be processed into both HTML and PDF documents from a single document source code. This is incredibly powerful for us and allows us...
By Matt Dobson
The site was easy to use. Found what I was looking for. Ordering process was easy. Order was confirmed, shipping was confirmed with tracking number of UPS and even delivery was confirmed. The company, the product and process were excellent. I will use them again, and tell others about them.
By George
EmpXtrack worked within a tight deadline to meet our appraisal cycle requirements. The features were customized to a great deal to meet our requirements and our specific needs on data import and customized workflows was met. Continous support was provided during crucial implementation times 24/7 and...
By Shyamala Deshpande
Champions for Life's adoption of iMIS as our central technology for maintaining contact, event and donation information has allowed us to get a better grip on who is supporting us," said Kit Van Arsdale, director of technology for Bill Glass Champions for Life. "With that information,...
By Bill Glass
During the last several years, in my various systems support assignments I have been either associated or responsible for PC/Unix integration related matters. During those years I have conducted extensive tests on Windows/X/Unix toolkits. To put it simply, I've never seen a better product than yours....
By Brandon
Before joining Zen I researched extensively the quality of service offered by numerous ISP's and Zen came out on top. I can only compliment you all on not only a terrific product but also and fantastic service, you are all a credit to the industry and a benchmark by which others should measure themselves....
By Jack
We've been very impressed with Speakeasy's Hosted Voice service. The start-up process was smooth and cost-effective, and we receive an exceptional level of ongoing support from our Dedicated Business Account Manager. As a busy executive search firm, we like having a hosted solution that's...
By Tom Barnes
Our UC Davis campus is a better place to work today for many faculty and staff due to the positive contributions of the Management Consulting & Organizational Development team. During its brief two-years of service to the campus, ODS has successfully worked with teams and individuals from service...
By Stan Nosek
I love the flexibility and wide range of features offered by Ifbyphone. We’ve only been using it a few months so far, but have designed all sorts of backend programming that allows us to reduce our dependence on live inbound call centers. What a money saver!
By Kristi Hegg
I just put the 3.2 together. The quality is exceptional and for the price this product is tremendous. I looked at 10 to 12 ellipticals in stores. These ranged from Nordictrack on up. I purchased the 3.2 from the recommendation of ellipticaltrainers.com and I am totally happy. Quality and value all...
By Bobby
My Daughter had her portfolio done today and i have to say, its amazing thank you so much, very professional,she is over the moon, shes already applied to every casting call listed on the site and had 2 replies already, thank you so much once again x x x
By Sarah Louise
The event was a great success for us; the web chat in particular was much busier than we expected and we gained some great feedback in terms of what graduates are looking for, their expectations and any queries they might have regarding our graduate trainee vacancies. This is something that we would...
By Laura Brown
Hi! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for you excellent products and customer service! We purchased a money blower machine for our sister station WKHQ and a Majestic Canopy for station WLXT. The products are in invaluable asset. When we participate in multi-station remotes, the money blower (KH Kash Kube...
By Dave Thomas
Thank you so much for everything. Many nights I prayed and cried about the situation involving my inability to make my mortgage payments. We acknowledge bad things in society today, but we forget the good things people do daily. Because of your compassion, my husband, two kids and myself have someplace...
By Olivia
These guys are great! They know what their doing and they helped my business in a very difficult time. I was working with a sweet Englishman named Reuben Adams. Our bank turned their back on us after years of doing business with them. Without Keystone Capital, I'd be out of business. Thank...
By Rachel
The outstanding professional management of Rosendin made this project one of my most satisfying. The attention given to details, the minimum requests for information, and the total team participation of the Rosendin crew has made the project come in on time and budget. - Donald Kuckens, Principal...
By Donald Kuckens
You will not find a better site on the net for buying high quality brand new sports equipment selling at up to 50% cheaper than other companies such as GYMWORLD and SWEATBAND. The Tunturi that I bought retails at £899 and I purchased it from FITNESS-SUPERSTORE for £499 'what a deal!!!!' the...
By Colin Henderson
I was very pleased with the Prague Piss up week-end. The overwhelming consensus was that it was a great success. The events were just right for us and we had a great laugh throughout. Yours handling post and pre tour has been highly professional and I wouldn't hesitate to go with your company again....
By Norbert


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