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I just wanted to thank guys from A1 for their excellent job they are doing. Their website is just so amazing and easy to use. I've been ordering from them for 3 months now and they never failed to keep their promises. They really regained my trust to internet shopping as I was really afraid to do...
By Alice Woodrow
When I came across this website I liked it very much and decided to place the order, I kept adding goods into my shopping cart and it was empty all the time for some reason. So I thought something was wrong with the website and gave them a call. A CS rep named Joe was very welcoming and nice and he explained...
By AndrewD
I went from dealer to dealer in omaha trying to find the best deal possible deal on my new chevy equinox and all I got was a headache and mistreatment. H&H treated me with respect, gave me their best deal upfront, and made it easy to buy from them!!!! I will be back to buy from them again!!!!!
By Amanda
Although I've been a T-Mobile customer for 10 years, I was ready to cancel my service due to a rude, disrespectful and inconsiderate customer agent. It was unbelievable how customer service has deteriorated. BUT even though there are those agents who do not care, there are those who do care about...
By Pam
Cylee Turpin is the most beautiful woman in the world. And it's pronounced Ky - lee, folks.
By Bryce
Upon purchasing numerous items at the CVS pharmacy in Naples Florida where Mr. John Sanford is the manager, I forgot my listerine and cream on the counter, but knew I had paid for it as it was put in the bag. I had not realized that the items were missing until a week ago. By then of course I had thrown...
By Maria Victoria Delgado
Placed an order with A1 for some Muscle Milk and received a confirmation email. Was expecting the order to ship the same day. However a few hour later I received a phone call from A1 customer service rep, who told me that the flavor I order was backordered and he gave me so many options to choose from...I...
By TonyHawk
Hello, I've got a wicked kit from ExoticCarDoors.com and love it. The Bolt on kit made my Supra the town "bomb" and I'm the envy of everyone in my tuner group. Just wanted to let the world know I'm the man because of my ECD kit from ExoticCarDoors.com Shael
By shaelgreenberg
I would like to take the time to compliment our salesman for his understanding and pressure-free presentation that for once, left a good taste in our mouth. I think maybe people are too hard on sales people and you know they are just people too like fight attendants, waitresses, postal workers. Just...
By Ginger
For any author seeking to self-publish, try CreateSpace. It's an Amazon company. I have recently used them to publish my comedic novel, "RICHARD - My Life as a Penis" (shameless plug), and had a very good experience. For $39 annually, I updated to a premium program, which, in reality,...
By Jonjo Powers
It has been almost 9 months since our last purchase large with Scissor Doors Inc ( www.scissor-doors.com ). We purchase a one off custom lambo door kit for a customers c6 Corvette and another lambo doors kit for a nissan 350z. While we were at it we purchased one of there vehicle specific suicide door...
By schrader customs nyc
I wish to thank them for their prompt, professional and personalized service when I consulted them for my health insurance needs. Their website is very user friendly and offers such a wide range of options. Their response time to any further questions that I had by phone was excellent, quick, & efficient...
By Andrew C Martin
Just wanted to drop a note that this was a wonderful trip. My wife and I really enjoyed the group we were with and the hotels you selected were outstanding. The two different tour guides we had were top notch. We are traveling with you next to Israel and than South Africa. You give very good value for...
By David Imel
I store just about everything in my Pelican 1620 and take either the whole case or a 1510 depending on my needs for a job. After years (and I do mean many years) of solid use the 1620 wheels started to sqeek horribly and got very difficult to pull. I recently contacted customer service letting them...
By Alex P.
I had a good customer experience recently. I returned a Door-to-Door storage unit but didn’t tell them I was done with it. They billed me for many months until I finally got on the phone with them to close the account and ask for a refund. I didn’t expect much more than 3 months or so of a refund....
By pwb
I have the usual gripes with cable/satellite/telecom company customer service like most people. However, I recently had an experience with DirecTV that left me feeling good about doing business with them. Upon checking my latest bill, I was greeted with a message on my Account page: 3 months of Showtime...
By Jamie
This is for Europcar in EAST MIDLANDS AIRPORT. We arrived VERY late due to a 3 hour delay with our flight and the staff member was still there. It was after 1am and we were meant to be there at 10pm.You will always have a happy customer in me. Highly recommended!
By Richard Fox
Right from the beginning of entering Coastal Flats you are greeted with pleasant staff waiting to get seated in the Restaurant. Lines are expected at peak hours so I would strongly recommend the Call ahead #. The food is of high Quality and my expectation are consistently met every time I have eaten...
By Burns Smith
I had a very good experience in dealing with Whitefield Honda when we were planning on buying a car. We purchased a Honda City through Whitefield Honda and the sale process went extremely smooth. The staff were very courteous and helpful. It’s been couple of years since we purchased the car and even...
By John Walsh
As a former employee/current customer, I'm thrilled to say that I've never had a single bad experience with company or any of the many locations I've visited. Thank you for everything you continue to bring to the retail industry!
By Lindsey


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