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I have never seen two men that can make life seem like there is just so much purpose in life. Their love, their unconditional love has set a new standard for me. I hope that their love together continues to grow and that they can break through the barriers that are preventing them from getting married....
By Shocked and Awed
I remember a trip I took once about 15 years ago to Santa's Village with my parents. It is located in California's San Bernardino mountains. As I perused through the village I came to the North Pole! If you are unfamiliar with the North Pole, that is where Santa Claus lives. I was always under...
By john
Truly, Brian is a wonder to work with. He's very clean shaven and has absolutely no dirt under his fingernails! I believe he flosses very well, because I have never seen a chunk in his teeth once!
By Bryce
Your are so fragrant! It was a delight lifting you into the tube. It was like you hadn't been fed in years!
By Rob
I was lost in the mall, he did find me! Such a handsome young man....
By Lost grandma
We had contacted Scissor Doors Inc on November 1st 2008 to purchase on of their high end lambo door kits for our 2006 Dodge Ram project. We had purchased from them before so we know about their quality but somehow our parts guy forgot to order them until the last minute. On the 1st and the show was on...
By East Coast Customs
I lost my grandmother in the mall....well, that rob there, he done found her, and even gave her a bath!
By Bryce
I am writing about reservation person Richard Mayon and Montreal Cust service person Robin Cori... they are beyond excellent in servicing a person or persons in need of help and that is why i use delta airlines!
By Rick
Highly recommended service I too had not to great an experience with Travelocity customer service. So, I tried Expedia. I have used them for at least 5 trips now and have been VERY satisfied. I like the fact you can use the .NET passport (yes... some companies are still doing that) so I don't...
By Allan
Allegiance Moving Solutions was an excellent company to work with. Not only were their prices very affordable, but also their services were even better. Everything went great. The movers were quick to explain the moving process and get straight to work. Although it took a little bit longer than expected,...
By Laurence
By far one of the best US Coin websites on the internet. As a repeat customer I must say I hope to do business with them for many years to come. I ordered 2 coins to test them out about 4 months ago, they came within 5 business days and were exactly as described. Most recently I placed an order for...
By Colin
This happen last week, before my show The Departure, started. I was getting myself comfortable and juggling with my nachos, my drink and a large pack of popcorns when the incident happened. I accidentally spilled my popcorns all around my seats and area. I felt quite bad to dirty the seats of...
By Martin
I have used Talent6 for my modeling career and it has helped me so much! I started out just doing print work but now I'm in runway and fashion shows! It’s a great company. It made me a success story. I would suggest to try it before you knock it cause at first i thought it was too good to be true....
By Tom
I went to Lenscrafters in Lombard today and saw Dr. Casper. She was very nice and very helpful. Very easy to talk to. The staff was also very nice and they didn't hound me to buy glasses right there and then (I am going back with my hubby to help me pick some out). I will go back there for my next...
By Angelina
After many failed attempts at lasting sobriety I had given up any hope of ever finding the happiness, joy, or the simple contentedness I saw the world around me enjoying. I had given up on life. I honestly felt that I was destine to die young, miserable and alone. My best friend was in a bottle (liquor...
By Victoria
I love Capital Area Pediatrics. We fell in love with Dr. Ferrer, who is retiring, but have found all of their staff to be great (with the exception of one doctor I don't see eye to eye with). We currently have Dr. Arichandran as our primary, and she is absolutely wonderful. She's got great...
By Stacy
I can't say enough about these folks. I knew I wanted a hearing aid with blue tooth capability -- they have several. When the first brand I chose didn't interface well with my phone they replaced them with another brand - no problem. They have a lot of info on line for comparison of models,...
By Jim
I have been a patient at the Gentle Dental office in Methuen for over a year now. My sister recommended them highly and I am so greatful that she did. I have never had to wait for an appointment especially if I call with a pain. The office staff is very accomdating and easy to talk to. The dentists and...
By Anastasia
I must bank with a different HSBC than you guys. I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with them from day one. It did take me about a week to receive my online sign-in information and about another week to receive my debit card, but their customer service was extremely helpful to me during this...
By Santa
Our stroller recently broke on a trip and we called Uppa to let them know. They sent us a new stroller right away, before we even returned the old one. Then they followed up with a phone call. The stroller itself is great, super light and perfect for city use.
By Paris


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