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A Fine Self-Publishing Experience with CreateSpace
By Jonjo Powers, 2009-10-16
For any author seeking to self-publish, try CreateSpace. It's an Amazon company. I have recently used them to publish my comedic novel, "RICHARD - My Life as a Penis" (shameless plug), and had a very good experience. For $39 annually, I updated to a premium program, which, in reality, only gave me a better royalty and a better price on my own book. I did the cover work through their program (free) and prepared my own PDF file, from which the book is printed. They supply a secure web-page (an e-store), that I link to my website to sell direct, but I also listed the book at Amazon.com for no additional cost. With the upgrade and three separate proofs that I had to order, my book was published for less than $100.

They have option programs, offering design and promotional services. Some are quite expensive. I didn't use them, so can't comment on their value.

I had tons of questions and got e-mail responses to everyone of them in no more than 24 hours.
I have sold a couple dozen copies so far. When I start to market it more, I'm sure that will increase. But, I've also gotten a couple of inquiries about publication and film rights.

I looked at other programs, but this is the one that allowed me to get a professional-looking product out to the public at the lowest cost. Good luck!
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