Home Company Testimonials Scissor Doors Inc. do make wickly awesome car door kits. I heart www.scissor-doors.com
Scissor Doors Inc. do make wickly awesome car door kits. I heart www.scissor-doors.com
By schrader customs nyc, 2009-10-12
It has been almost 9 months since our last purchase large with Scissor Doors Inc ( www.scissor-doors.com ). We purchase a one off custom lambo door kit for a customers c6 Corvette and another lambo doors kit for a nissan 350z. While we were at it we purchased one of there vehicle specific suicide door conversions for our companies chrysler 300c.

The order took 6 business days to get to us because of a mistake we made giving them our shipping address. Thankfully they caught it and called us the morning after we ordered before they shipped them out.We had been working with vertical doors Inc for years before we found their company. After a few calls back and forth with their consultants we new we had a winner.and finalized the deal. When the door kits arrived we were ecstatic. They were actually a bit better than we had expected. They two lambo door kits were bolt on and the installation took us half a day for each vehicle which seemed normal. They were designed quite differently than what were were used to working with but they opened and closed very stiff and smoothly and were very well designed. However the real reason we are posting this compliment was the suicide door conversion kit for our 300c. We have installed suicide door conversions from www.suicidedoors.com before but they were universal and took us a week and a half to put the car out . They weren't designed at all for the car they were being installed on. This suicide door kit was completely different. It took us a day to do the metal work and another day before the body and paint work had dried and was out the door. Also, the installation guide (which you must read!) took all the mystery out of a flawless installation. A tip i remember for everyone.: the last thing you do is remove the door from the factory door hinges, and these things almost install themselves. Scissor Doors Inc is our new supplier for all things door conversion related, we are currently working with them developing a completely new custom one off door conversion. There will be details on our website when we receive the finished product, we are all very excited to find this hidden gem of a company in an otherwise hit and miss industry.
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