By GSU, 2010-08-22
I'm a grad student at Georgia Southern University. My computer is my lifeline right now to my family, friends and classes. About 18 months ago OfficeMax had a service in their store here where they did in store computer repairs and service. It was run by the sweetest lady who not only knows computers, but could point you to any product in the store. The computer service shut down (stupid marketing gurus) but somehow the then manager got Ms. Bea to stay on.

Now, the store has all new management. Customer service has all but disappeared except for this lady. I was in there last week. There were at least 9 customers shopping that I could see, and Ms. Bea was the only sales associate on the floor. One of the new managers walked past me and didn't even speak, guess she was in a hurry to do something else. Ms. Bea was greeting customers, going from person to person, always a big smile on her face, a greeting for her "regulars" (like me) and never a hint of being hurried or short with anyone. I don't know how she does it, but she seemed to be everywhere at once and with me the whole time I was looking for what I needed.

One of the other office stores is headed here in the fall, they have a very high bar to jump to meet the type of customer service that this lady gives every day.

Ms. Bea, GSU loves you!
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