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I'm a grad student at Georgia Southern University. My computer is my lifeline right now to my family, friends and classes. About 18 months ago OfficeMax had a service in their store here where they did in store computer repairs and service. It was run by the sweetest lady who not only knows computers,...
My case was involved with many immigration hurdles. Thanks to Mr. Benitah, he was very professional and went to great lengths to explain to me how it works and ensure everything on my immigration petition was perfect. I feel that he really care and really know what he is doing! Kudos to Globolex , especially...
By Adelenil
I was interested in purchasing a large screen television for my bedroom and I visited several stores (Best Buy, 6th Avenue Electronics and PC Richards ). I found the salesman at PC Richards to be the most helpful in explaining the the vairous television options. He also helped me get the best price...
By David Brensilber
This small, neighborhood toy shop on West Broadway in Tribeca has knowledgable, laid back sales people and makes shopping for toys painless, even on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. -Jasmine
By Jasmine
I would like to take the time to compliment our salesman for his understanding and pressure-free presentation that for once, left a good taste in our mouth. I think maybe people are too hard on sales people and you know they are just people too like fight attendants, waitresses, postal workers. Just...
By Ginger
This happen last week, before my show The Departure, started. I was getting myself comfortable and juggling with my nachos, my drink and a large pack of popcorns when the incident happened. I accidentally spilled my popcorns all around my seats and area. I felt quite bad to dirty the seats of...
By Martin
Estella on 6th avenue in New York City might have some of the cutest Baby clothes ever. Handmade and beautiful these make great gifts. The sales people there are super helpful and answer your questions on sizes. Next time you are downtown and you need a baby gift or clothes this is the place....
By Nataly
My wife and I purchased our first set of baby furniture from the new Baby's Room location in Macomb Twp. What a pleasure. They gave me honest and up front information that I would have never been told by your average sales person. I did wait a while for my order but it was well worth it. The sales...
By Sullivan
First time I have used water4fish and I have been very happy with Kate's help and co-operation, I am sure in the future we will do more business with you guys. As a big company satisfactory is very important for us and I was very happy with the quality of products I have received. Once again...
By Marla
Had problem with Pixma ip3000. A gentleman named Chris in Chesapeake Va. fixed the problem. He was knowledgeable, spoke perfect English, was polite, and patient. Good job Chris and good job Canon for keeping things local (including employees). Best $9.95 I ever spent.
By Jackson
I needed to buy a new electronics device at Best Buy and the person helping me was courteous and knowledgeable and made the purchase a pleasure. I have saying this because so often the people who work at these stores are not useful and they should spend more on training them. Good job Best Buy....
By Eddy
I wanted to sell my home without using an agent. I was browsing the net and came across www.fidelityflatfee.com. I thought that I would sign up with them. They were friendly and assisted me in getting my home sold. I was able to sell in 6 weeks. I would recommend anyone trying to get their home sold,...
By Josh
On May 17th I purchased a bedroom set from the Brooklyn location. Aside from the absolute most informative employees they were sweet as well. I think the boys name was Gavon, but he was tall and skinny. Anyway, when the furniture got to me it was a little damaged from the truck. I called to tell them...
By Vanessa
I can’t imagine anyone having a bad experience with this company. Some of my close friends have seen this company’s success. I myself have one of the greatest stories in dating companies. Every person I speak to has nothing but great, positive things to say about them. My story is....... After...
By Sarah
I had called Mr. Handyman for an estimate to have some dry rot repaired. When Don had looked at what I needed to do, he told me that he needed to go to his truck to write an estimate and he would be back in 5 minutes. He came back and had written everything down and explained it all and the estimate...
By John
Your people have been so nice to my family and friends! They go out of their way to help us find the best jewelry, and you have much better quality than Kay's or Zales. I've shopped at Lloyd Center in Portland for many years, and Kristin and Peri have both earned my trust and I tell everyone...
By Wilson
I am pleased to have Dick's Sporting Goods in my neighborhood (Col. Pike, Arl, VA). It's stock and selection are for those who actually USE them, not just flashy looking stuff.; The quality is good, The staff - from the departments to the register - are knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly....
By Brian
I went to Fourways Edgars today and was looking for a certain pair of pants. I found them, but there weren't any in my size. I asked the person working in the Charter Club section, S'bongile, and she got hold of someone at the Crest branch. They had my size and would keep it for me. I went...
By Nancy
I got a phone from VOX to test free of charge but the phone did not work. I reported it and got another phone. I tried the phone and cancelled the contract 19 days after i got the phone - you have 20 days to do so. The modem did not work as advertised. The next day i found that VOX had already deducted...
By Kenny Stydom

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