Express Jet
By Jeff, 2010-09-09
It is about time an airline resorts back to what made airlines a billion dollar industry in the first place, a great experience and great customer service. I recently flew round-trip from Tucson, AZ to Austin, TX for business and I felt I was pampered all the way especially for a small economy airline. The fair was $100 each way, I was served a full meal on each trip including a sandwich, a snack pack and a bag of carrots, the drink service then came around and then they served another snack. I was able to enjoy XM radio on the flight and the ear buds were complimentary. When I got to my destination they even had a tray of mints when I got off the plane. On my return flight to Tucson, the jet was delayed due to mechanical problems from its previous destination; however, because it was their 1-year anniversary, they had a setup of complimentary drinks and snacks in the terminal. Some people don't like the size of the planes, but for providing service to smaller airports, the service from Express Jet cannot be beat. I even had to call them a couple of times about my service, but their agents were very friendly and happy to assist. I highly recommend their service for any future fliers, they truly know how to provide service and don't nickel and dime customers to death!!!
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