Very Bad Service
By Tessarae, 2011-05-30
My husband and I got Fairpoint since December 2010. Starting in April 2011 the internet has gone down, reboots, don't let me online for 10-15 minets, The employees are all rude. you are lucky if you talk to one nice employee there. one day we called Fairpoint to tell them about the issuses and said they would do a ticket. we both kept trying to ask and get answers about what was going on. they kept telling my husband "THE OTHER COSTOMERS COME FIRST" They was more then rude to him. He was getting very mad. I called fairpoint and still got no answer, my husband called them again, they was even more then rude to him. I called again really peed when someone answered I said I wanted to talk to a superviser. He calmed me down and put it in the notes and have a superiser call me. He finally got a answer, it took both of us 4 men to get 1 answer. and not its May 30, 2011 and they have gotten so bad that June 1, 2011 we are switching providers. I will not ever go back to Fairpoint.
There has been men that sit on the other end of the line and breath or talk in a deep voice or hand up the line on me. We have made many complaint and they say the are fixing it.
By Sheri-Ann, 2011-06-06 22:05:12
This is a website to share COMPLIMENTS not COMPLAINTS. There are other sites for that.
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