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Like a symphony where every note is exactly where it needs to be. Or a painting without a brushstroke wasted, Robert Citino’s class is a masterpiece from start to finish, a marvel of the educator’s craft. This is a flawless amalgamation of personality and material, and supremely satisfying for...
By student
I have to say that each and every time I have visited an ihop, I have had the best service. They really have wonderful employees.
By in2movyz
MagicJack..Some of our friends after letting them know we purchased MagicJack few weeks ago advised we should read all the complaints in reference to MagicJack, which I did.My wife and I have been happier with a new purchase. We have just retired to Lake Chapala, are Mexico. We are so pleased with...
By taylujay
Roseanne works the drive thru window most mornings at the Temple City, CA McDonalds. If you are a regular, she will greet you by name, and will make your day with a smile. Sometimes a simple and friendly gesture as a greeting by name, and a friendly smile will set the tone of your day. Thank you, Roseanne...And...
By Sherri Bo Berry
My husband and I got Fairpoint since December 2010. Starting in April 2011 the internet has gone down, reboots, don't let me online for 10-15 minets, The employees are all rude. you are lucky if you talk to one nice employee there. one day we called Fairpoint to tell them about the issuses and...
By Tessarae
www.areteeducation.com As a B student I was told by my high-school adviser that I would NOT get into an Ivy League School. I starting working with Nikki mid-way through my junior year. She empowered me to think big and go for what I wanted. Yesterday I received my acceptance letter to Cornell. Nikki...
By Alex
Friendly employees I'm writing to commend Harris-Teeter for making their grocery stores so nice and clean, offering wonderful products, and employing friendly and happy employees who make it a joy to go food shopping. In particular, I'd like to point out the Cotswold location in Charlotte,...
By Bonny
Lacey, formerly of the Aveda salon of Tallahassee, opened her very own salon. And she is absolutely amazing. I've introduced quite a few of my friends to her and they've loved the styles/cuts she has given them. She knows whats shes doing, does it well and is very easy to talk to. She doesn't...
By Eva
Our UC Davis campus is a better place to work today for many faculty and staff due to the positive contributions of the Management Consulting & Organizational Development team. During its brief two-years of service to the campus, ODS has successfully worked with teams and individuals from service...
By Stan Nosek
I am writing about reservation person Richard Mayon and Montreal Cust service person Robin Cori... they are beyond excellent in servicing a person or persons in need of help and that is why i use delta airlines!
By Rick
I went to Lenscrafters in Lombard today and saw Dr. Casper. She was very nice and very helpful. Very easy to talk to. The staff was also very nice and they didn't hound me to buy glasses right there and then (I am going back with my hubby to help me pick some out). I will go back there for my next...
By Angelina
I love Capital Area Pediatrics. We fell in love with Dr. Ferrer, who is retiring, but have found all of their staff to be great (with the exception of one doctor I don't see eye to eye with). We currently have Dr. Arichandran as our primary, and she is absolutely wonderful. She's got great...
By Stacy
I have been a patient at the Gentle Dental office in Methuen for over a year now. My sister recommended them highly and I am so greatful that she did. I have never had to wait for an appointment especially if I call with a pain. The office staff is very accomdating and easy to talk to. The dentists and...
By Anastasia
Everyone has their own opinion on Starbucks . However I have to say that the employees who work at the Starbucks at Pabst Farms in Oconomowoc, WI are the well deserving of the green smiley face. They remember what you usually order, they make helpful suggestions if you are looking for something different,...
By Kristin
Burger time cheers Rowdy Hall in East Hampton is something different. Not pretentious, it is a true bar with good beer and a great bartender. John behind the bar will not only remember your drink choices from your last visit but he also understands like a good bartender what small talk is. Consider...
By Max
I went into my local H & R Block tax office the other day not really sure what to expect. I can report that the experience was better then i thought. They were friendly helpful and knowledgeable and made the process easy to file my taxes and get a refund.
By Anderson
Used Two Guys and a Truck . Called them up the morning of my move as the mover I had scheduled tried to defraud me by asking me to sign a bunch of waivers and pay them up front in cash for the move before they started the job. I used the Largo, FL based branch of Two Guys and a Truck. Two guys showed...
By Marvin
-had an installation -was well made very good quality -was inexpensive very affordable -excellent service -the workers seemed to know what they were talking about which is always helpful -will order from them again -you should too in a heart beat! -BEST IN NEW YORK!!! -5 :)'s for lucky Windows...
By Lisa
We used them last week. They got me in with 3 days notice, at the end of the month, which some of the bigger-name guys wouldn't help me with. They didn't scratch up anything I've noticed yet, including the furniture which they did a great job wrapping it with blankets. They were on-time,...
By Wilkins
I usually do not write in these things but I felt compelled to let anyone reading know that after choosing to have Progressive as my car insurance provider, I will never turn away. The customer service that I receive from Progressive is beyond compare. I always speak directly to a representative,...
By Jenny


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