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Robert Citino – Marvel of the Educator’s Craft
By student, 2012-11-14
Like a symphony where every note is exactly where it needs to be. Or a painting without a brushstroke wasted, Robert Citino’s class is a masterpiece from start to finish, a marvel of the educator’s craft.

This is a flawless amalgamation of personality and material, and supremely satisfying for about a dozen different reasons. Robert Citino hits every note with grace and confidence, sharing the student’s wavelength, being brilliant, hilarious, and just plain cool. He is so enthusiastic about the subject that you can’t help but get caught up in it with him. He provides electrifying, engaging, and thought-provoking material that is evenly paced and executed with snap-crackle-pop-dialogue. Even more, he is an accessible professor, taking time for questions or comments, and making us feel respected and valuable as students. He receives standing ovations at semester’s end, though he is modest about his accomplishments. He’s an excellent writer too. His books are superbly crafted, substantive, and as involving as his class.

Don’t miss a single class. Every one is a powerful rejuvenating experience that renews your optimism and faith. Judging Robert Citino’s technique is like judging the contours of Michelangelo’s David, the subtlety of Keith Richards’ guitar riffs, or the shading and form of Da Vinci’s the Last Supper. Robert Citino is a rare academic oddity, an exhilarating and imaginative professor who deftly accomplishes it all, and then surpasses it, a masterful groundbreaking triumph; perhaps the greatest professor of all time.
By Timmy, 2013-08-09 01:21:31
Jim Starlin / Jim, thanks for your kind words about Breed III. If you liked the first issue, wait until you get to #5. Just fihiinsng it off and it's turned out to be the best of the run, so far. It's got a big surprise at its ending.
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