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Home Warranty of America compliment
By V. Hays, 2013-07-09
On a very hot weekend in July my neighbor called my cell to say that my air conditioner had made a loud bang and had emitted smoke. I rushed home to check and couldn't get the unit to shut off. I was afraid it might be a fire hazard, so called HWA and told them the situation, The service rep was very helpful, got in contact with a technician and had him there in an hour, and he took care of the problem in a very short time. Needless to say, I was relieved and am very happy with my choice of home warranty plan. My compliments to both the service rep and the technician. Thanks,
By Carole Arnold, 2013-08-06 08:29:43
The Texas summer heat is legendary and Sunday, August 4th was no exception. That's when our air conditioner went out and it was particularly difficult for me as I have asthma. I called Home Warranty of America and Randy, the rep, explained that we could have someone come or she would send someone on Monday. We spent the night at my brother's and next day the technicians arrived two hours early. The house was starting to cool in record time and we were two grateful people. It's going to be another 100+ day in the Lone Star State but we will be safe and cool thanks to this affordable plan. Many thanks. Carole and Wade Arnold
By Camilla, 2015-10-21 16:31:15
If your children throw Lego thgrouh the screen then your houshold policy will probably cover the repair. Most of them do provide accidental damage cover for domestic appliances valued up to a31000 per item.If the set fails just after the guarnatee expires then the Sale of Goods Act provides you with some protection. Expensive consumer goods like tv sets are expected to last for several years and retailers cannot (by law) escape their responsibilities under the Act. This means that a tv which fails outside of Guarantee must be repaired. The cost of the repair will be borne by the retailer if it's close to guarantee date and shared betwee dealer and customer after that. The legal extension will vary according to the type of television. It is expected that better ones will last longer than cheap ones. For example a court may support your case if a Sony or Panasonic failed after two years, but they'll laugh at you if you tried returning something like a Bush or Technika after the same time.Some shops do try and fob you off after one year but you can report them to your local Trading Standards Office for that.Some decent retailers, like John Lewis, offer a free 5 year warantee. They wouldn't do that if they thought that tv sets would fail in that time. That is why they don't sell cheapo brands of tv set.
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