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Just love how birthcontrol.com takes care of their customers. I've been a customer of theirs for about a year now and always appreciated how customer service handles my order. They have managed to provide me the service I've always wanted even in times that there would be a problem with my...
By MCaroll
Got a discount with my order from okpet, their customer service is fantastic they provided a coupon code that I could use to save me at least 5% off. Still huge savings!
By Oscar Anthony
Natasha Soudek is one the greatest musicians and singing artists in the world today. Her music is awesome and its like the words of her songs are speaking directly to you. Thanks Natasha for the gift of your music to the world.
By Pepito
My friend Sterlin Sookoo is the most honest and most honorable person that I know. Regardless as to who has said what against him he continues to remain honorable and honest. I have known him for 16 years as a true, honest and dependable individual. A post I could lean on to help me through my severe...
By Rawle
I want to highly rate and compliment my good friend Sterlin Sookoo for the excellent person that he is. He has always been there to encourage me when I needed someone to talk to. He has been unfairly spoken about in the past but in life not everyone will be for you of course but he is really a great...
By Rawle
Thank you jumpdates.com for having the guts and the courage to post other races even mixed race couples on your home page which other cowardly sites like Ukrainian sites and Russian sites are afraid to do. For your bravery and courage I salute you and if I had a medal I would pin it on you.
By Peter is Impressed
Good products and affordable prices at West coast Skin, been a customer for a long time now. Love that they ship over the counter orders the same day.
By LornaK66
I could never afford my medications if I would buy it locally. So I tried friend's suggestion and order online through your website canadamedicineshop.com. I did have a problem with the prescription as it took long to ship my order since they needed to secure the prescription I sent in but when...
By JGrams
I was looking for some cheaply priced meds for my unfortunately sick Jack Russell Terrier. With some Googling and further research I happened upon www.vetshop.com . Site was easy to understand and clear, and I got some great service over the phone when I needed to find out more about a return policy...
By BobbyT
I recommend this site. I have ordered my pet's medication from them about 3 times now and have had no problems. Even my Veterinarian has approved the medications I give my pet coming from this okpet.com!
By Adam Reese
Package came through the mail in a little over a 2 weeks, a little slow but . Total delivery time was 12 working days but package was well-packed, which is also important. Okpet proved me the best pet online pharmacy.
By HeatherD48
Love the low prices vetshop.com offers for pet medications, especially free shipping and please maintain the level of customer service and support that you now offer, that's the best trait your company has!
By Lizzieb
I ordered some beauty products through Reship.com and found the experience to be very good. This is a new process to me (shipping through a third party); but overall I was impressed! The online site was easy to use, there really wasn't much to it. Which was concerning at first that as a customer...
By CaitieN
Service is excellent. The girl on the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful. I got my meds in a timely matter and the product is coming from out of the U.S. Just wanted to share my experience because i have read bad reviews about this okpet but my experience with them was overall great.
By Mcunningham
my first time to buy any thing online was with Canada Medicine Shop and am trying the generic Cialis. I got my order on the dot and they worked as expected, i suggest this website to everyone. it really works.
By Wilson M
Your 's is definitely a reliable and reputable company which I can strongly recommend to my friends -- two of whom are licensed dermatologist in the US and have customers who, like myself wants to spend on beauty products but at a reasonable price. Pure Skin has provided that. Thanks to you guys!...
By ShantelleH
I have tried several sites to purchase dog's medication, from high prices, slow delivery, cheap but none quality medications until my friend recommended okpet.com, she said that shipping sometimes take a while but medications are of quality and at low prices. Really recommend this site to everyone....
By Mary gingers
I have used this company since 2011 maybe even before that. The drugs always come sealed in the original packaging and the best part they sell the generic version of Celebrex and Nexium which I can't buy in the US yet. So I get a 90 day supply of both for what they want for 30day supply in the US...
By Paulh86
My experience using Reship.com was a bit up and down. The site seems to me to be a bit more complicated than it needs to be. I had to fill out a bunch of forms which were very confusing in order to get my product shipped out of the States. The site did not give much information at all; I sent them...
By KacieB
I wanted to share this website I have ordered from reship.com, I am pleasantly impressed with the high level of service offered by their company and he staff as so helpful. As a frequent online I try to look for sites to order from but kept ending disappointed because I could not order specific products...
By GDavid


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