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By GDavid, 2012-02-14
I wanted to share this website I have ordered from reship.com, I am pleasantly impressed with the high level of service offered by their company and he staff as so helpful. As a frequent online I try to look for sites to order from but kept ending disappointed because I could not order specific products from a U.S. website but now with reship's help, I can and everything you can imagine is done to make your life that little bit easier.
By Clara, 2013-08-10 04:22:38
hahaha hey, do you live across the sertet from me? Oh, no that's the grumpy 60 year old man that sits up and looks out the window every time we move! We call him nosey parker . In his defence, he came in very handy when some looser tried to steal from the mommyknows-mobile in the early hours of the a.m.! He called the RCMP and they came and told us he'd foiled the crime! Handy-dandy nosey neighbours are like a free security service.
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