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By Mr. Dan, 2015-02-26
I want to thank Home Warranty of America and especially Don Lewis from Lakes Appliance who is the most professional, above and beyond tech I have ever met. The claim process was seamless and fast, Don called within the hour for an appointment! He was thorough investigating the issue, polite, completely explained issue which resulted in needing a new appliance since the part was no longer available. Then within 1 day, I had a call to deliver and am now happy to have a brand new appliance the looks and works great. THANK YOU HWA AND DON for making the so QUICK AND EASY!
By Shahbaz, 2015-10-21 16:14:50
My RS21 ice tray fills up, freezes then when it opaetres and rotates, the ice does not come out of the tray. This results in more water going into the tray and after a while it then spills into the ice bucket compartment, runs into the freezer area and also into the water trip tray so sometimes in the morning the drip tray is full and there is water on the floor. Any idea what it could be?
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