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5 Compliments Every Woman Loves to Get From Her Man

For a happy, healthy and content relationship, words of praise or appreciation spoken directly to your spouse/girlfriend play very important role. Usually the partner is taken for granted and appreciation is sometimes too easily forgotten.  A few words of gratitude from a partner makes a women feel on top of the world. Here are the best five compliments every woman loves to hear. Appreciation, support and acceptance are the 3 important factors for strong, lasting and powerful relationship.

1. You are perfect, a complete woman. Telling your woman - you are perfect the way that you are, makes her day, week, month or even year.  Whenever she gets upset with you for something small she recalls you saying this to her. Make her hear - Ingrid Michaelsons “The Way that I Am.” You will surely make her so happy. Deep, lasting love is unconditional.

2.You’re Irreplaceable. This is a perfect complement to bring that sunshine in your partner’s eyes. With full eye contact when you say these words makes the special one in your life know that you really love her as a person and you value her as a unique individual. It’s never easy to see when you get replaced by someone else and every woman has this insecurity. This complement scores big points.

3. You bring happiness to my life. When one or both partners take each other for granted or the contributions the other makes to their lives for granted, the relationships fade. Saying this shows that a man understands her importance for him to be happy. Showing appreciation for her for sharing her life with him is symphonic to a woman’s ears. Say with genuine feelings.

4. I love your hair. Woman loves to look good for her man. She takes extra efforts to look good especially when in a relationship. When she is appreciated genuinely about her best physical attribute and when her man tells her exactly why he likes it she feels great. This simply makes her feel that you pay attention to details, and to her. So don’t stop from telling her what you like most - I love your eyes or hair or toned arms may be slim figure.

5. I am so proud of you. A very big compliment in any relationship. Woman feels really really nice to hear this from her man. Taking interest in her current goals and appreciating her hard work to achieve her goals makes her feel so strong. Whether it is her job, completing an assignment, putting extra hours to her work or even trying to better balance her life, show your loving support for your women. Her heart will melt then and every time thereafter she remembers your loving support all the way to make things happen.

By huda, 2009-09-14 06:25:36
كلام رائع وياريت لو الرجال تعمل بيه
By shaam, 2009-09-17 06:19:40
because this is from heart.
By dfrt5yui, 2009-09-20 15:40:01
won't sell to you. They only want people that have ready cash and/or available credit, the more the better. In the interview they will determine whether you are close to bankruptcy and if not, Congratulations! you qualify! Does any of this smell funny to you?
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