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How to Compliment People

Step 1:

Compliment people sincerely, never faking admiration. People won't trust you if you're full of false flattery.

Step 2:

Be specific in your compliments by pointing out certain elements you appreciate. For instance, instead of saying "You cook well," try saying, "The way you scramble your eggs so they are light and fluffy is amazing."

Step 3:

Use a public forum to compliment people. They're more likely to feel the respect they deserve when witnesses hear about their accomplishments, especially if the witnesses also offer compliments.

Step 4:

Ease marital problems by sincerely complimenting your spouse at least once a day. This might be difficult to do at first, but your compliment doesn't have to be anything huge. Try complimenting your spouse on the way he looks, or tell him you appreciate how he picks up after himself in the bathroom.

Step 5:

Follow your compliments with actions. People get confused when you compliment their cooking, then leave leftovers on your plate. They'll start to think your compliments are false.

Step 6:

Make sure people know that you're not confusing compliments with envy. Avoid complimenting someone on a sweater, then hinting that you want to borrow it or buy one just like it.

By huda, 2009-09-14 06:05:10
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