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Men Love Compliments Too

Ladies your not the only one who likes compliments. When a woman compliments a man he is like putty in your hands. He will eat it up. If you want to get your man to do something try flattery. He will be more than willing to help out when his ego is stroked. In this article I intend to
 give you some tips on complimenting your man.

Build him up

Tearing a man down or nagging doesn't work and it may only piss him off. When he gets angry he will get stubborn and not willing to do anything. Instead of getting upset and hollering at him say something sweet to him. You could tell him how big and strong he is and you can't do it yourself and need his big strong arms. Even though he knows your flattering him he will fall for it anyway. The best way to get a man to do anything is to stroke his ego and make him feel wanted. He will drop what he is doing and help you out.

The power of the whisper

There is nothing more exciting to a man to have a woman whisper in his ear. Whether you just say you love him or that he is the man he will respond. It doesn't even have to be something sexual just a word that either compliments him or makes him feel loved and needed. Women do not always realize the power they have to motivate their man by just saying something sweet to him and whispering it in his ear. I can guarantee you will turn his head if you use this approach on him. Where it goes from there is entirely up to you. I will guarantee you will get his attention.

Single word compliments

Telling your man things like awesome, sweet, outstanding, etc. You would be amazed how simple one word compliments will do for him. He loves to hear from the one he loves how much you love him or how much he turns your world upside down. You like him complimenting you well so does he like it when you compliment him. Everyone has something they are good at. If he feels he is appreciated he will do more.

Words can hurt and they can also build up. Its very possible to take a negative situation and begin to turn it around and make it positive one. If you find it difficult to compliment him look for one thing and start from there. I will guarantee you that soon you find more to compliment
 him on. Positive attitudes breed positive just like negative breeds negative. You have the power to change a situation by what you say.

If people would only be aware of the power we have in our words the world would be a much better place. Start today by encouraging your man and watch how much it will affect your relationship.

By Arooj, 2015-10-21 19:08:01
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