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The Powerful Compliments

The power of compliments and gratitude maybe modules of some fancy self-enrichment program, but as I see it is a power yet to be discovered and exploited in our culture. Due to the subconscious mind being flooded with competition, greed and apportion of responsibility/blame.

Compliments as a show of gratitude put the recipient at ease. Humbled and appreciated for his/her doings. I don’t mean a “thank you” or “well done”, but to craft out a nice letter. Describing the process with a human touch, what you were delighted of. The feelings are so good to the recipient that it motivates the individual to retain or exceed his/her performance standard, in anticipation for more appreciation and recognition in the future

You may notice the lack of compliments in our environment and the few people whom have received compliments in their early years have in fact excelled in their careers. I doubt that organizations are not putting enough training to their employees on this facts but I think it’s more of the attitude of the individual, the belief system that resides within their subconscious mind.

But we can help. Send out compliments and gratitude no matter how insignificant they are. Sent it to your enemies and highlight the good qualities they have, suppressed the bad ones as their subconscious mind will find reasons to fight back. This way you work with feelings and attract more of such. I have this habit, I try not to complain and I look forward to complement 3 things every day, and I make an effort to write to them.

What do we have to lose? Be well.

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