Baskin Robins
By Kim Beach, 2010-10-01
I have loved Baskin Robbins since I was a kid and have enjoyed sharing my love of ice cream with my own family, small cousins, etc. We go there every weekend after church for a single scoop of something cool. The flavors they offer are both diverse and traditional. Almost anyone can find something sweet to eat there. But on our recent visit I was shocked to receive a single scoop of the most disgustingly MOLDED and rancid Rocky Road ice cream ever to be served. I don't know how long that tub had been sitting there (it looked fine!) but the taste was so bad and so sick I had to throw out my cone. When I called to tell them later on what had happened they were nice enough to offer me a free cone which was great but I think next time I'll just get vanilla!
By Delia, 2015-10-21 18:03:14
And, technical conmmet here, for those who didn't see the strips when they ran in the Post - click on the ice cream strip to blow it up and look at Richard's watercolors. If only his syndicate could handle watercolors....
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