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By Simple Floors, 2011-04-06
At simpleFLOORS we’re passionate about providing our customers with premium-grade, design-conscious flooring at guaranteed low prices. Our beautiful and unique products enhance the health, style and longevity of your space. With thoughtful design and specialized customer service, shopping with simpleFLOORS is rewarding and hassle-free.

simpleFLOORS is a privately held, self-funded organization driven by innovative ideas and superior customer service. It is our mission to deliver to you stylish, cost-effective products designed to inspire. Not having to rely on making investors wealthy allows us to place our focus right where it counts, on our products and customers.

From our engineered exotic species to our bamboo and cork products, we carry a wide array of affordable sustainable and regenerative flooring options We offer a wide range of species and high-style wood grain variations complete with factory applied no wax finishes and sealers. Choose from unique high fashion species such as, American Cherry, North American Black Walnut, Zebrano Raw, Zebrano Charred, Brazilian Cherry, Teak, Kempas, Santos Mahogany, San Palo Ipe, Rosewood, Acacia, Brazilian Walnut and more.. With each and every product we sell you can rely on durability and longevity, because we believe the best thing for our environment is making products that will last for years to come.

By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:27:45
5 star review

My experience with Simple Floors was terrific. Our salesperson, Thomas Reiner was very helpful and the prices were great as well. We choose the Acacia Walnut and everyone who walks into our house loves it. Thomas gaves us great service by following up with phone calls to be sure everything was going well. We needed extra boxes of the floor and he tracked some down in Georgia so we would not have to wait. He really kept on top of things . I am very happy with the excellent service and product.

Sheila W
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:28:27
Oceanside, CA

Recently, I bought a home in Oceanside that has brand new Bamboo flooring from Simple Floors. I love the floors, as do all of my friends. I received excellent help from Thomas Reiner, when I decided to put in French Doors to connect a den with the Living room. With Thomas Reiner's help, I was able to order the pieces and install them so the bamboo flooring FLOWS between these 2 rooms. I am loving my floors. Great looking and so easy to clean.
Oh, I have 3 dogs and the floors are holding up:)
Vicki W.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:31:13
El Cajon, CA

I found Simple Floors through a sale they had on Laminate flooring. 79 cents a sq/ft. Thomas the man who took care of me was very helpful and courteous. He was also very knowledgeable about the flooring and how to install it. I went to Floor Liquidators and their service was lousy. I would highly recommend Thomas at Simple Floors.
Carol Anne L D.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:32:15
San Diego, CA

Working with Tom at Simple Floors was easy. No pushy sales people. Help was there and all of our questions were answered and install process was as easy as could be with a project that makes that much mess. The products were delivered as promised and the installation time line was as promised. Financing was also as promised. The installation crew cleaned up at the end of each day, moved the furniture back into place and hooked up any electronics or appliances that had been disconnected. The floors have been about a month now. Wish we had done this years ago. We would recommend Simple Floors to all our family and friends.
Linda M.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:34:36
Another 5 star review!

Thousand Oaks, CA

I must first tell anyone that wants to invest in flooring needs to go to Simple Floors and see Danny Golden hats off to this wonderfully informed man. Now to tell you how happy we really are is that we belong to a club which we paid a lot of money in hopes that we would get that back with all that we would save with them, but only to find out they were $1100.00 more not to mention that was without the boarders and glue so that would have run us over another $1000.00 at top of the $3800.00 they quoted us. Now dealing with Danny at Simple Floors we learned that the wood we choose would not work for our dogs just walking let alone running as it was the least durable and he told us what wood would be the best and what we would need to lay the wood down, a great help considering we new nothing. Once again this was worth the trip to the Valley and once again thank you Charlie, Danny for making this a great investment.
Raleigh H.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:38:31
Valencia, CA

I got a great price & great service from the North Hollywood store. I even had a couple of boxes left over from the job, and the returns where no problem.

They use a local warehousing company 247 Delivers for local pick-ups. They where great.

My hat is off to Danny at Simple Floors & Allen at 247 Delivers.

Thanks guys,
Chase M
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:41:30
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

I loved this store. I ordered samples online, then at the last second decided to just go down to the store. Before I could go, Dominic had called me on the phone after getting my order and told me about the store, then invited me to come down to the store. The showroom was great, lots of styles of hardwood and laminate, and what was nice was the floor displays were huge, so you could really get an idea of what your choice would look like. I ordered my flooring right there, and when I told Dominic I would be installing it, and that it would be my first time, he was very helpful in giving me advice on how to do it, It was also nice to get advice that wasn't patronizing or condescending, as I sometimes get from guys who don't think a woman can do it! Great prices, great customer service, would definitely recommend this store to anyone one

Jennifer R.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:43:43

Austin, TX

I had a great experience.
Good quality product, easy to install, installation instructions were accurate and products supplied for installation were good. The price was the best I could find after a lot of research. The salesperson was approachable (North Hollywood location) and provided good advice. I did two rooms of the install myself and had the more difficult rooms done by a contractor. The floor looks great. I did not have any problems so I cannot relate to the comments of other reviewers other than to say that I have had problems with other floor vendors on different proejcts and got treated poorly when trying to resolve a problem.

Rob - Thousand
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-06 16:46:02
Claremont, CA

My husband and I had been searching for wood flooring over the past few months until we came across Simple Floors. We went into the Orange store looking for engineered flooring and were helped by Joe. He was extremely informative and helped us select a product that was perfect for our needs. Their selection and prices were much better than any other store we had visited. It was refreshing to find a store where the service was excellent and honest. We were able to find high quality flooring at a very reasonable price. I think they have a few other locations in the southern California area but even if you're not too close to one of their stores, I would recommend making the drive and checking out their stuff. We can't wait to start installing our floors and transforming the look of our home.
Jennifer A.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-08 14:09:59
Sacramento, CA

We are SOOO excited about the floors! They just look amazing. Dorel and his nephew were awesome... did such a great job, they were so neat throughout the whole job and just really nice guys. It was a pleasure having them here.

Thanks again and I'll send pics when everything is back in place : )

Katie K.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-18 12:37:08
Ohio -
Hi Muriel! Thank you so much for your service! I was so surprised on Saturday morning when the case of flooring arrived the day after I ordered it! Totally unexpected, but so excited! Besides that, it was
my birthday, and that was a great present to start off the day!!
*smile* Will be finishing up the floor today because of that. We really love this flooring, and have recommended it to several people who have seen our house and will continue to recommend it to anyone who asks about it, or is thinking of getting wood floors. Thanks again!

By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-18 13:08:45
Orange - CA
We walked into the small flooring store, Simple Floors, and thought we'd walk out in about 30 seconds. We were wrong. Diego greeted us right away, asked what we were looking for, and showed us the bamboo flooring I was describing. What I appreciated was that he asked more questions, then thought I might like another floor even more. Was he right!

This floor is like nothing I've seen before. It's an 8 inch plank, each unique and beautifully distressed. Aside from the small display samples, they also had a large board in the back of the store with quite a larger display, which I appreciated. You could see how the character of each plank became incredibly rich as several boards were placed together.

Being extremely cautious, we asked for a sample and brought it to other stores to compare. We weren't able to. Nothing compared! In fact, when we looked at the sample next to even the most expensive flooring, there was no comparison. We took the plunge...

Back at Simple Floors, Diego worked with us as if we've known him for years. He walked us through every step of the way, and delivered on every promise. Delivery was on time, and he arranged the installation through Joel at Triple J Flooring.

Now, the installation... Joel is truly masterful! He saw to every detail around the steps, staircase and hallways. He was extremely flexible and worked around our schedule. Joel, too, delivered on his promises. He was here on time, took exactly the time he estimated and was absolutely a master craftsman!

Without a doubt, you can trust that Diego at Simple Floors and Joel at Triple J Flooring are superb!
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-18 13:10:24
El Cajon, CA
I think the problem with some of these reviews is that people do home improvement themselves without doing research. We wanted great floors that we could do ourselves and found Simple Floors affordable. At first we started off doing the work ourselves and our upstairs went great. The downstairs that is a concrete slab took some help. We thought we had pretty level floors but once we started we realized how uneven the floor is. Let's face it folks we live in Southern California your floor is not going to be flat even in a new home. It took a professional crew 16 hours to level our floors and we only have 500 square feet down stairs. Needless to say it paid off the floor laid great once they were leveled out. We have simple floors to thank for the awesome home appraisal we just received. The home appraiser stepped on the floor and said "Oh My God this is real wood"! He said that people will say that laminate or composite floors are real wood but let me tell you that our home appraiser said that only real wood floors will improve the value of your home. He looked at the sample and said it is wood all the way through. Simple Floors makes this easy and affordable. We worked with Tom Reiner and Rick while we were there got the African Walnut. The key is to ask questions people! Don't think you walk in buy flooring and return it 6 months later if your don't tell anyone that you need time. However if you are clear and up front that you are doing the work yourself and that it may take you 6 or more months to install they will work with you to get you a good price. We bought our floors in August told them this is going to take us a while, we work full time, both of us go to school full time and are doing a condo remodel ourselves, they said "No problem. When you are done call us". We finished last week April 8th called Tom, he said no problem return the unused cases and gave us a refund. If you look at my other yelps you will see that I don't give full marks to just any one you have to work for my business. I have pictures of my floor if you want to see what Natural African Walnut will look like. Keep in mind that a 25 year warranty can only be upheld if their contractors install the floor but this is a standard practice for any kind of home improvement and I know I shopped Home Depot, Lowe's, and Costco before going to Simple Floors. I was told the same thing by all the companies the warranty is only guaranteed by their contractors. The cost of doing it yourself may mean that you don't get the warranty but you save by doing it yourself... BUT you have to know what you are doing if you want your floor to hold up for 25 years. I have great looking floors that I installed myself, so I may not get the warranty but that is okay the same would be true if I had bought the crappy overpriced composite form Home Depot instead I have real African Walnut for the same price as the crappy composite and my home value just went up. Overall great company, awesome floor, and no problems with making my return 8 months later because they have stellar customer service. I have a house in Georgia as well that I need to sell and I am going to use Simple Floors for that as well.
Adela P.
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-20 13:44:10
Suwanee, GA - Customer Service Team

"Thank you sooo much. I gotta say. Simple Floors has had the single best customer service that I've encountered by an online retailer. Thanks. Your efforts are appreciated"

Nate T - Satisfied Customer :-)
By simpleFLOORS, 2011-04-27 12:09:08
Portland, OR

We used the Portland, Oregon website to purchase our small amount of flooring that we needed. The website was easy to use, accurate and the photos were perfect of the product we selected; when we opened the flooring boxes the color was what we expected and the texture. We were happy with the price too!

Now the service was good also. What seemed to be the slowest was picking up the boxes from the shipper; they were a little slow but effective.
The overall experience was excellent and will happily recommend Simple Floors to all of our friends.

Best regards, Jessica

By Oni, 2011-08-05 06:43:30
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Engineered Wood Flooring are generally built up with eitehr a hardwood or soft plywood type of material, which incorporates the tongue and groove system. Engineered hardwood flooring is available in almost any wood species.


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