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Home Warranty of America & Overhead Doors of San Antonio
By Sister MM, 2012-06-07
When the huge tension coil on the garage door snapped in two, our car was stuck inside the garage. Those doors may look light, but they are actually quite heavy, and without the aid of the spring, almost impossible for one person to lift... and quite impossible for one older woman. Home Warranty of America to the rescue. They sent a repairman the next day, who had it fixed and working BETTER than it had before in less than an hour. Not only did he replace the coil, he also put fresh lubricant on all moving parts, tightened up all bolts, and replaced a few missing bolts. There was no extra charge for this. The door is so quiet now, and runs so smoothly! It is like having a completely new door. The existing unit is 12 years old, and I appreciate the fact that the repairman did not try to sell me a newer, fancier door. I will gladly recommend Overhead Doors of San Antonio.
By Maria, 2015-10-21 17:24:14
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By Akash, 2015-12-30 00:03:50
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