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OuterBox Solutions Designed Us a Great Site!
By Eric, 2010-06-28
I just had to write about our experience. It's not often that I'm inclined to write something positive online, but we've been working with OuterBox Solutions for around 5 years now. We've developed 3 websites and took a business from start-up to a million + online. Justin, Erin and other members of the team have been great to work with. They are a busy company (which is good), but they'll still take care of you. If anything is ever wrong or needs fixed right away, someone always picks up the phone when I call. I can't say that for every advertising agency I've worked with.

All around, OuterBox has been great for us and I thought I'd share!
By Brittany, 2011-04-04 09:34:22
OuterBox Solutions has been great for us, too. They have managed our website for over 4 years and we've worked with them on SEO. All around, I don't have a complaint about Outerbox.
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