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QUEST LC Inc, THANK YOU for saving my home!
By Susan , 2010-12-06
I was only a couple months away from my sale date on my home and had tried on 2 seperate occasions to get a loan modification from my lender. I received a letter in the mail for Quest LC and decided to check them out online and see what they are all about. I also decided to do my own independent research before contacting them since I have been burned so many times with my mortgage recenty. I looked up their BBB account and was satisfied to see no complaints and a decent rating.

When I called, I spoke to Chris for some time and told him my situation. He was very informative and was able to break down the reasons why my request for a loan mod was most likely declined. He gave me options to taking a new approach at getting a mod and also offered a contigency plan to their services to help improve my chances of keeping my home if the request for a mod was declined once again. I was a bit apprehensive since, like I stated earlier, I have been burned so often recently, but I decided to take a leap of faith.

Over the next couple weeks I was in contact with Chris and Melissa who were both very friendly and helped me get everything together that I needed to get my file together. Also, during this time, I received the results of what programs I prequalified for - I had no idea they had a service for prequalifing applicants, nor was I 100% assured that this was accurate, but Chris told me that this would be the best approach since I had been declined twice already.

During the second week I received my "bank ready packet" which I looked over and signed before sending off to my lender. After waiting a week or so I finally received an approval back with a payment that was $500 less a month! I am extremely greatful for Quest LCs service and am convinced that without them I would be at a loss. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
By qeust lc, 2012-01-12 14:11:39
Great to hear!
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