Total GYM
By Mr. Green, 2010-10-13
We needed something fairly compact for our small living space that would allow us to work out daily. We decided on the Total Gym because it was only $200 and at that price we thought it has to be good enough to last a while but inexpensive enough that we can afford it, lol :)
Well let me tell you, the only problem with it is that we don't use it as often as we COULD. I love it though and so do my housemates. Great investment. When we split the cost three ways it was MUCH cheaper than joining the local gym and since it's right here we have access easily.

I keep it in front of a TV/stereo in the small basement bedroom and so we each have privacy when we want to work out. It's a great machine.

Warning though it is HEAVY so don't think that because it's small you can move it easily without assistance!
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