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Finally, some people who aren't emo, depressed, and always grumpy! I've been looking forever for something like this. No trolls, no bullies, none of em! This makes me very happy! :D
By Kitty Kat 1801
Thank you jumpdates.com for having the guts and the courage to post other races even mixed race couples on your home page which other cowardly sites like Ukrainian sites and Russian sites are afraid to do. For your bravery and courage I salute you and if I had a medal I would pin it on you.
By Peter is Impressed
I am so thankful for my3cents.com for providing a homosexual heaven in the community section where we play homosexual sex games all day.
By trmn8r
Thank you businesses from hell for being able to post on my topic dating sites and their imbalances there in scam and con artists section of this forum Without this forum and without the understanding of the administrators there would be no post like this there No wonder they got a 5/5 star rating...
By sterlin sookoo
As a reviewer on Sazze.com I have given complimentworld.com for its promotion of the positive in the midst of all the negative around us a 5/5 star rating. I am sure others would agree with me as well! Well done complimentworld.com
By sterlin sookoo
I want to thank complaintsboard,com for giving me the chance to be able to complain about the wrongs done by others. Like Elena Petrova and her wrong and Anastasia and theirs as well! Complaining about them shows I am able to compliment myself on how well I have done in complimenting them for the poor...
By sterlin
The IRS Raids Plan Promoter Benistar. October 13, 2010 By Lance Wallach Recently IRS raided Benistar and its successor, the Grist Mill Trust, the promoter and operator of one of the better known and more heavily scrutinized of the Section 419 life insurance plans. IRS attacked the Benistar...
By Lance wallach
Why manjam is wanting payments for gay dating? by Kareem Tabish on Saturday, 08 January 2011 at 12:39 Why manjam is wanting payments for gay dating? i have seen that manjam want payments for gay dating while manjam has at-least 100000 fake profiles with fake names and fake pictures of celebrities...
By kareem
High school English homework is a drag. I used Wikipedia to help me get some information that would impress my teacher and save me from a bad grade and got an A+ now my parents are letting me off the hook for ALL of spring break! Thanks Wikipedia. Never thought I'd ever have anything to brag about...
By Francis
I've discovered YouTube and cannot get enough of it. It's like an addiction! You Tube is so cool. I'm going to start up an all girls internet show where we talk about health, happiness, relationships, men (!!!), and fashion (!!!!!) anyone care to join me? Send me a note if you want to...
By Dylan
Missingmoney.com is just great, you will end up spending a lot of time there and looking up everyone you know...
By Robby
If you are a business looking for ways to build your brand then consider DiGo advertising in New York. I have worked with them and they place you, the client, first and treat you as an equal, value your opinion and want to make you happy. This might sound obvious but many ad agencies really do...
By Jordan
I came to know about online resource wheelsnext.com and with some further questions and clearing my doubts I brought fantastic setup directly from Wheelsnext.com Every thing was so smooth and fast that I can really appreciate wheelsnext.com And I like to recommend wheelsnext.com for any wheels,...
By John
Jack, upon your request, we visited this site, and we like it. We are giving you an honest rating of the top smiley. Your service has been outstanding. We had one problem in the beginning with scheduling, but with fast redress, you came through on top, even though we were probably a little upset and...
By Yvonne
So if you're like me you dropped a huge portion of your paycheck to finally, finally get that Wii that you've been lusting after for months now. You scrimped and ate peanut butter and mac and cheese and lived like a hermit for the past couple months and your car was running on fumes and you...
By John Robertson
I visited Zyardsale.com and found more than what I was looking for. I recommend this site for anyone that is cost conscious.
By Cindy Bearford
I bought some fitness products from www.BeBodySmart.com for my school. I cannot thank enough for their excellent customer service, timely delivery, great product selection and top of all that the great prices! They went out of their way to accommodate our needs. Sometimes I wonder why people...
By Mobina Akram
The event was a great success for us; the web chat in particular was much busier than we expected and we gained some great feedback in terms of what graduates are looking for, their expectations and any queries they might have regarding our graduate trainee vacancies. This is something that we would...
By Laura Brown
What a great service you have. The bells and whistles to your service really set you apart from competitors. Interactive quoting lets me dial in quantities and lead times to get the best bargains and it's great to see your FreeDFM pick up the double vias that Orcad leaves behind. Your site is...
By Stephan Graph
Dear Diana, Yes, everything did reach me in good condition. I am away from home, as I am using a friend computer to write you back. Everything is at my home and most definitely better than I expected. I mean I did take time in picking out everything but I had no idea how awesome everything would...
By Rita


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