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Great service attitude at M1 Shop!
By Caleb, 2009-07-21
I visited M1 Shop Causeway Point last Friday, 14th of November, around lunch time and was attended by Mr Kenny Foo. I would like to compliment on his service attitude, not only towards me but also towards the old Indian lady that he was attending before me.
Although she was not going to be a customer at the shop and was trying to sell her phone, he exercised patience while attending to her although I was waiting to be served. I find this service attitude admirable and should be commented. Although it is his responsibility in attending to every patrons in the shop but it is rather rare to see good service in this industry. I hope to see this type of service attitude during my next visit although I had bad experiences at M1 before.
I appreciate your time in reading this email and I hope that your company would express my appreciation for his service attitude while I was in the shop on my behalf.

By Anna, 2015-12-30 03:16:51
To kalo to pallikari krseei ki allo palikari kai fylage ta blahnik sou na exeis ta misakalimera ki apo mena!btw, i liked the link in your previous post... ta sxolia se merikous apo tous offenders mou fanikan yperbolika omws (the ones related to alcohol ads). Nomizw 8a eixe endiaferon mia tetoia syzitisi, why don't you follow it up? An kai blepw idi apo twra kapoious na krazoun gia political correctness klp klpna eisai kala!
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